Varada Ships Version 3.0, Adding Elastic Scaling to the Power of Indexing for Big Data Analytics, Extending TCO and Performance Advantages

Varada, the data lake query acceleration innovator, today unveiled version 3.0 of its data analytics platform, now delivering a powerful and cost-effective alternative to offerings like Snowflake, Redshift, Athena, Preso, Trino and BigQuery for at-scale big data analytics users who rely on the power of indexing to extract insights from massive, unstructured data sets.

The new version marries the power of cloud elasticity and the query power of indexing for big data analytics, giving data teams the ability to scale analytics workloads rapidly and meet fluctuating demand. It delivers a dramatic increase in cost performance and cluster elasticity as compared to the previous version. In addition, version 3.0 eliminates the need to keep high-performance and expensive SSD NVMe (Solid-State Drive Nonvolatile Memory Express) compute instances idling when the cluster is not in use.

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