Deep-Learning Model Assists Researchers in Obtaining Useable EHR Data

Researchers from MIT reported how a deep-learning model helped clean up her data, resulting in information extraction and more precise

API Security

Why API Security Is Special and What We’re Doing Wrong

Modern applications’ building pieces, application programming interfaces (APIs), are being used more and more frequently. However, there is a risk


Navigating the World of RaaS: A Dive Into the Hive Ransomware Group as a Business

You probably don’t consider the ransomware groups’ “tech stack,” “customer service,” or business strategy when you think about dark web

Cloud Security

Maintain Cloud Security: Exercise for Your Cloud Environment

To robust cybersecurity and cloud security, there are no fast cuts to achieving it, and many firms are failing to

Artificial Intelligence

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Artificial Intelligence

AI proponents argue that technology may enhance human abilities and assist in the solving of difficult problems. However, some worry



How is Singapore transforming chatbots?

Everything you need to know about Singapore and its adoption of chatbots and online assistants, along with how the Singaporean


Using Artificial Intelligence To Keep Your Financial Data Safe

When business financial data is compromised, there are devastating losses to finances and reputation. There are several methods cybercriminals will


Top 4 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Trends of 2021

While artificial intelligence improves value-added, chain business operations and helps to optimize work processes, machine learning analyzes data to change


Machine learning boosts application uptime

Storage is normally the first suspect when identifying the causes of the app-data gap, but the facts tell a di­erent


AI’s Impact on Higher Ed

With artificial intelligence (AI) set to play a bigger role in the way we live and work, it raises the




According to DAMA International, “Data governance is the exercise of authority and control (planning, monitoring, and enforcement) over the management


Data Governance Methodology

Modern data governance leaders are searching for the role that governance should play in delivering high-quality data. Read More See


How to Budget for Your Data Warehouse Modernization Project

Budgeting for a data transformation project is an enormous task that many leaders struggle to complete. Read More   See


Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact of Data Virtualization Using the Denodo Platform

If you are considering or planning to deploy data virtualization technology but are indecisive because you are not able to


Machine Learning on Arm Cortex-M Microcontrollers

Machine learning (ML) algorithms are moving to the IoT edge due to various considerations such as latency, power consumption, cost,


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How to bring data from SAP to Google Cloud

Cloud Data Fusion is Google Cloud’s enterprise-grade data integration service for building data warehouses, data lakes and data marts on

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Grow your career, Multicloud Mindset, & more!

Here to bring you the latest news in the Cloud is Daryl Ducharme.

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Service Level Objectives for Cloud Run

Curious how you can measure performance and availability for a cloud-based service? Want to set targets so you can know

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Introducing CAMP (Cloud Application Modernization Program)

Welcome to CAMP, the Cloud Application Modernization Program! In this video, Mahshad Haeri, a Global solutions manager with Google cloud,

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Panasonic Avionics: Weather Data and ML Models Improve In-Flight Entertainment Customer Satisfaction

Panasonic Avionics, the leading provider of In-Flight Entertainment for the airline industry, improves customer satisfaction by building and training machine