Best Practices for Automating Wholesale Network Ordering for 5G, Cloud and SD-WAN Services

September 28, 2022 | 12:00 PM EDT | USA

High-speed connectivity is critical for today’s economy.  However, ordering wholesale broadband and transport services between Communications Service Providers (CSPs) remains a slow, complex, and outdated process.  Despite legacy system investments, CSPs are still limited by their use of siloed tools which makes adopting new business models difficult.  CSPs must transform to compete in today’s digital economy. This must attend webinar is for those involved in the ordering and delivery of broadband and transport services between Service Providers.  Hear from Industry experts on how CSPs are gaining a competitive advantage and improving agility and accuracy through automation. Read More



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Machine vision, computer vision, and AI (specifically deep learning) are complementary technologies that can perform a wide variety of tasks


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The data management journey is challenging. It usually takes longer than you want. It often costs more than you’d like.


To Meet the Challenges of Coverage and Scale, Global and Regional Deals for IoT Connectivity Are Becoming the Norm.

Join us on October 6th at 4pm UK | 11:00am EDT, where Tom Rebbeck, Business Services and IoT, Analysys Mason will be joined


An introduction to Internet-of-Things for executives and managers

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