Data Subject Access Request form

The application form will work on all devices but we recommend you use your computer (rather than a smartphone or tablet) where possible, and in a secure location. We ask that the applicant completes the form personally.

The information you give as part of your subject access request will be used solely to reply to your request, including verifying your identity and answering any questions you may have.

We'll keep the information you give us for up to three years so we can react to any further questions. We may send you an email to keep you updated on the status of your request, and we will contact you if we require more information to locate any data we may be collecting about you.

If you accept, we will authenticate your identity using an identity verification and authentication provider.

We'd also like to know why you're requesting access to this information. This is an optional question, and your answers will have no bearing on our response to you; instead, we will use the information to enhance how we explain how we work.

Enter Your Details

On the next pages, we'll go over ways to verify your identity to us in further detail.

Please keep in mind that your subject access request will only be forwarded to us after you've completed the identity verification page and received a reference number.