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Workera introduces the world’s first skills assessments for generative AI

Series B startup Workera announces the release of its generative AI assessments to test, rate and develop the skills of


KPMG and Google Cloud expand alliance to accelerate the adoption of generative AI among enterprises

Google Cloud and KPMG recently announced a substantial expansion of their alliance to assist enterprises in integrating generative AI technologies


Salesforce unveils Tableau data analysis tools driven by generative AI

Salesforce today announced the launch of two new tools for AI-assisted data analytics. Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse aim to


BNY Mellon’s Pershing X Collaborates with Snowflake to Power its Data and Analytics

BNY Mellon’s Pershing X, a technology provider and business unit of BNY Mellon | Pershing and Snowflake, the Data Cloud company,


Google introduces WebGPU technology for next-gen gaming in your browser

Google has announced that WebGPU, an API that gives web apps more access to your graphics card’s capabilities, will be

Machine Learning

Databricks launches Lakehouse Platform to help manufacturers harness data and AI

Databricks, a company specializing in data lakehouse technology, announced on Tuesday a new platform designed for the manufacturing industry. Called


Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys) 2023

Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys) 2023 will focus on areas of intelligent systems and artificial intelligence and how it applies to