Echo AI Unveils Groundbreaking Expansion in Conversation Intelligence

Today, Echo AI (formerly Pathlight) announced a transformative expansion of its platform and a strategic rebrand, marking a new era in conversation intelligence. This release represents the company’s expansion beyond contact centers and into the entire organization—enabling leaders to act on real-time intelligence from every customer conversation.

“Every customer touchpoint should echo throughout the company. No word should be wasted,” said Alex Kvamme, CEO of Echo AI. “With Echo AI, we’re revolutionizing how companies engage with their customers. Our platform doesn’t just analyze customer conversations with unprecedented depth; it now turns every word, every insight, into actions. This capability is vital in driving conversions, increasing retention, and reducing operational costs.”

Earlier this year, Echo AI unveiled its groundbreaking Conversational Intelligence (CI) solution, the first of its kind to be built from the ground up on Generative AI. Less than a year since its launch, CI now is enabling organizations to process millions of customer interactions to uncover hidden insights from their customer conversations. The platform’s meteoric growth underscores Echo AI as one of the few platforms truly harnessing the power of AI to bring transformative applications to market.

Introducing Conversation Actions

Echo AI’s latest feature, Conversation Actions, redefines the potential of conversation intelligence. This capability enables real-time, automated actions in response to customer conversations. For example, if a customer expresses interest in an additional product on a call, Echo AI detects it and can now trigger a promotion campaign in a Marketing Automation Platform or Customer Data Platform. Conversation Actions builds on Echo AI’s already robust integration infrastructure, adding support for Klaviyo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Braze, Hubspot, and others.

Kvamme adds, “Insights from conversations are extremely valuable but perishable, and it’s physically impossible to act on each one at scale. With Conversation Actions, these insights are immediately actionable, ensuring that every word your customers say isn’t wasted.

An industry first, this capability positions Echo AI uniquely as a source of valuable insights and a direct driver of business growth and efficiency.

Expanding Support for All Customer Channels

Echo AI is also announcing support for “one-sided conversations”, which includes the ability to analyze app reviews, chatbot conversations, survey responses, and social media interactions – customer channels that aren’t normally included in traditional Conversation Intelligence.  This expansion further solidifies Echo AI’s vision that every word, every interaction, is an opportunity for insight and action.

Kvamme continues, “By supporting every communication channel, we ensure that every customer’s voice is heard and acted upon, transforming every word into a potential insight or action.”

Elevating Conversation Intelligence Beyond the Contact Center

With these new features, Echo AI is elevating conversation intelligence to empower the entire organization to learn from and act on customer insights. Marketing teams can understand user preferences and trigger retention campaigns, sales teams can understand objections and trigger upsell requirements, and product and operations teams can understand issues and trigger alerts and tickets.

Already a number of Echo AI customers are leveraging these innovative features.

“Echo AI has become a centerpiece in our strategy to supercharge customer acquisition,” said Aniketh Parmar, Executive Vice President at Centerfield Media. “Every customer conversation contains insights that can improve personalization, drive a conversion, or prevent churn. Echo AI enables us to easily access and act on those insights.”

“After rolling out Echo AI, we’ve quickly detected product issues, opportunities to improve our team’s performance, and more,” said John Burke, Executive Director of Customer Experience and Systems at Wine Enthusiast.  In the past, these issues would have slipped through the cracks even though our managers were spending half their day reviewing calls. With Echo AI, we’ve effectively eliminated manual review – saving hundreds of hours – and we’ve supercharged our ability to understand our customers and detect new trends. We are reviewing less and learning more.