OneNeighbor App Uses AI, Group Purchasing, and Colocation Technology to Transform the Outdoor Home Services Market

Frisco, Texas-based OneNeighbor, the convenient neighborhood platform that makes outdoor home services affordable and easy to manage, is announcing the deployment of its AI platform after successful trials in its Dallas, Houston, and Tampa markets.

OneNeighbor has grown quickly since its launch in late 2019, tripling its size in 2021 alone. Growth has been fueled by demand for affordable and convenient outdoor services such as recurring lawn mowing and fertilization, as well as additional services which many homeowners choose to take advantage of such as mosquito control, weed pulling, and bush trimming. Busy homeowners in today’s environment increasingly rely on technology to purchase goods and services, and they look to OneNeighbor to help them enjoy their outdoor spaces while reclaiming valuable time with their families and friends.

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