Kyndryl Announces Cloud Native Services to Accelerate Cloud Modernization Journey for Customers

The largest provider of IT infrastructure services in the world, Kyndryl, today revealed new cloud-native services to support customers in scaling up their modernization of cloud applications. By employing the well-architected architecture and each of its strategic hyperscaler agreements, Kyndryl Cloud Native Services were created to help customers move, modernise, and optimise important workloads on hybrid and multicloud systems.

Digital upgrading is at the top of company priorities around the world economy. However, the majority of firms have seen their growth hampered by complexity, technology silos, and a lack of essential in-house IT skills. Customers are seeking partners who can close the gap with innovative solutions and expertise.

By offering a framework of code assets, workflows, expertise, and the end-to-end lifecycle from consulting to management with integrated services around automated backup, patching, KPI monitoring, security, alerting, and incident management, Kyndryl is prepared to assist customers in streamlining their efforts to modernise their cloud applications. The services are in line with Kyndryl’s strategic hyperscaler partners’ cloud adoption frameworks. Additionally, Kyndryl offers qualified resources via cloud specialists that can hasten customer cloud adoption and help them reach business goals.

The strategy taken by Kyndryl, which involves co-creating with customers through the cloud native operating model, offers a quicker path to innovation by increasing developer productivity. Additionally, it offers streamlined procurement procedures, consistent cloud-to-cloud delivery, more affordable cloud migration and modernisation, and the incorporation of other technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). The services also provide more efficiency and agility through faster cloud deployments, shorter developer setup times, simpler management, and more robust applications.

By utilising Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and policy as code for secure-by-design delivery principles that enable customers to take an automation-first approach, Kyndryl is committed to improving client cloud operations and maximising cloud investment.

“We’ve seen companies increase their use of cloud over the last few years but have had barriers to adoption – whether it’s the complexities of hybrid or multicloud landscapes or the lack of skills and expertise to manage their IT estates”, “These new services are a direct outcome of Kyndryl’s ongoing journey to expand our innovation and offerings through strategic partnerships and new technology, which we have not been able to do before.”

Harish Grama, Cloud Global Practice Leader, Kyndryl