PureSquare Launch Promises Easy Access, Holistic Approach Towards Digital Security and Online Privacy for All

PureVPN on Tuesday announced the launch of PureSquare, which will act as the parent company of PureVPN. With the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape following the pandemic that has pushed more people online and thus more vulnerable to cyberattacks, PureSquare aims to provide a simpler and more holistic approach to challenges. this formula.

At PureSquare, we recognize that there are no silver bullets when it comes to designing online privacy and digital security solutions. In a post-pandemic world, new vulnerabilities are created every day, and so a squared-off approach is essential as we continue to add layers of protection against impacting threats. to our personal and professional security,” said PureSquare founder and CEO Uzair Gadit.

Gadit and his co-founders launched PureVPN over 15 years ago and grew it into a global company serving 3 million internet users. Since then, their journey has continued to evolve, with the latest product being a comprehensive platform that offers user-friendly layers of digital security and online privacy.

PureSquare’s unique logo is inspired by this very commitment. The white space in the center represents a safe space, and the surrounding lines and layers represent the protection and privacy features their product offers.

PureSquare offers a variety of products to meet growing privacy and security needs. Including:

A certified, high-quality no-logs VPN service that uses encrypted networks to keep you safe, private, and anonymous online. Details here.

The password manager allows you to create, store and apply passwords that cannot be decrypted. Explore here.

Pure privacy:
A privacy platform that simplifies the complexities of social settings on sites like Facebook and Instagram. Explore here.

Pure encrypt:
A cloud-based encryption engine that secures your data and everything in a vault that only you have access to. It encrypts your photos, videos, and files so you can store them securely online. Download them here.

A comprehensive platform that lets you connect your teams and control access to files, networks, and servers anytime, anywhere in the world. You can find more here.


White-label VPN solution with customized applications, added value for SaaS providers, seamless integration for hardware manufacturers, and online security for MSP users. With advanced encryption algorithms, a user-friendly interface and a wide range of cybersecurity solutions, PureSquare aim to empower users to take control of their digital identity, the press release adds. and secure their personal and professional identities online.

“In addition to technological advancements, he also sees PureSquare as a company dedicated to making a positive impact in the digital world and beyond. This involves working and supporting.”
“happier, new opportunities for cybersecurity and privacy, especially for women, and for making the world a better place than we used to be” see”.
“Our teams have been working hard at developing the right mission-oriented partnerships to extend our support across community, national and global environments… digitally and beyond,”
Uzair Gadit, Co-Founder and CEO,

PureVPN marked major milestones in 2022, becoming the first commercial VPN service provider to implement quantum resiliency. Just a few months ago, PureVPN announced a major rebranding effort that not only aims to change visual identity but also continues and expands on its mission to help people stay safe and have freedom online.

With the introduction of PureSquare, the company behind PureVPN continues its evolution from a single-product company to a leading provider of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.