Selected for Google for Startups Cloud Program

Machine learning (ML)-powered predictive analytics platform for marketers announced today that it has joined the Google for Startups Cloud Program. gives companies the tools they need to increase online customer acquisition while protecting customer privacy. provides scalable, cost-effective, and efficient digital marketing solutions powered by ML to businesses with lengthy sales and lead-to-revenue cycles. The business uses Google Cloud to calculate predictive conversions, and’s membership in the Google for Startups Cloud Program gives it access to specialised Google startup specialists as well as individualised assistance and support from Google Cloud engineers.

“Google Cloud services are a key element of our cloud infrastructure, and it is essential that our team understand how to take the most from it”, “As a member of the Google for Startups Cloud Program, we receive support from Google, helping us devise elegant solutions to our client’s most complex problems. In addition, identifying the most efficient ways to run computation via Google Cloud helps us deliver faster results and more value to our customers.”                                                                                                                                                                             Konstantin Bayandin, Founder and CEO,

In order to improve customer privacy, the digital marketing sector is shifting away from the third-party cookies that historically enabled targeting in digital advertising. Instead,’s cutting-edge predictive targeting technology is based on first-party behavioural data, a solution that respects privacy but calls for faster and more potent computational resources. The assistance requires to deliver B2B marketing solutions with precise targeting is provided by Google Cloud.

“We are only a few days into the program and already seeing far-reaching results for our customers”, “For instance, we brought a difficult technical issue to the Google engineering team and found an almost immediate solution. Working hand-in-hand with the experts from Google Cloud boosts our team’s expertise and makes us stand out in a highly competitive martech industry.”                                                                                                                                                                      Konstantin Bayandin, Founder and CEO,

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