Introducing NetApp BlueXP, the unified data experience for the advanced cloud

A unified control plane that offers a straightforward hybrid multicloud experience for services storage and data in on-premises and cloud settings is now available from NetApp, a leading provider of cloud and data-driven technologies.

Even in tumultuous times, an increasing number of businesses have shifted to hybrid multicloud setups to quicken their digital transformation and fuel growth. Companies, however, confront considerable difficulties and inefficiencies in managing these settings, which can stifle innovation. Through BlueXP, NetApp lays the path for a “more evolved cloud” that will make key operations spanning on-premises and public clouds simpler and more automated, assisting businesses in achieving their objectives and enhancing user experience.

Users can control their hybrid multi-cloud data fabric with NetApp BlueXP, which includes unified on-premises storage and first-party native storage with top public cloud providers. BlueXP offers comprehensive, integrated data services capabilities to deploy, automate, find, manage, protect, control, and optimise the data, infrastructure, and business processes that support them, delivering a straightforward but effective experience that is powered by AIOps. assistance, with the adaptable alternatives for consumption that today’s cloud-centric environments demand.

“Today’s cloud environments are complex. Enterprises are looking for a simplified, streamlined, governed cloud experience that is optimized for performance and cost across their entire hybrid multicloud environment”, “An ‘evolved cloud’ is one of the most pragmatic, AI-driven, and practical approaches to overall cloud management, and organizations will quickly benefit from migrating to operations, FinOps, and innovation.”                                                                                                                                                                   Archana Venkatraman, Research Director, Cloud Data Management, IDC.

“With the launch of BlueXP, NetApp is uniquely positioned to help organizations deliver on the promise of the cloud by transforming infrastructure, applications and data into true business assets”, “By taking an evolved cloud approach, customers can embed the cloud into their architecture and operations, eliminate complexity, and increase their speed of innovation to deliver the business results that matter most, faster.”                                                                                                                      George Kurian, CEO of NetApp.

The following are some of NetApp BlueXP’s features:

  • Storage management is unified thanks to the BlueXP global control plane, which is available as a service (SaaS) and offers a centralised point of view and control for huge hybrid multicloud deployments. This includes the ability to manage key clouds using Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, Azure NetApp Files, Google Cloud Volumes Service, and Cloud Volumes ONTAP, all from a single console, in addition to NetApp AFF, FAS, StorageGRID, and E-Series on-premises storage.
  • Healthcare AIOps: Workforce, resource, and risk requirements are reduced by built-in AI/Machine Learning-Driven Automation. AI-powered health and condition monitoring not only alerts to workload and infrastructure problems, but also offers pro-active advice to steer clear of harmful situations. Active IQ technology from NetApp is integrated into BlueXP for continuous telemetry throughout the hybrid multicloud.
  • Cyber resilience: a zero-trust model that integrates data protection and security under one control. Enterprise-wide visibility into vulnerabilities is provided through a single ransomware dashboard, and many problems may be automatically fixed with a single click.
  • Governance at a Glance: A thorough analysis of the online environment to track permits and compliance. By instantly identifying anomalies and taking the appropriate action in response, the AI/machine learning capabilities validates user and data-level behaviour.
  • Best mobility: Data may be copied, synced, tiered, and cached between major clouds and data centres as simple as dragging and dropping thanks to built-in data movers. Data is safeguarded during transfer and stored on the least expensive storage tier feasible thanks to efficiency and security features that are built in.
  • Flexible Consumption: BlueXP’s pay-as-you-go payment model enables users to only pay for the capacities they really use. As a business’s needs change, it is simple to exchange data service licences using a digital wallet. Customers can now manage consumption-based data centre storage in addition to their cloud storage thanks to an integration between BlueXP and NetApp Keystone, the industry-leading storage-as-a-service (STaaS) solution.

“OpenText serves the majority of Fortune 100 companies as customers, providing enterprise-grade and cloud-native solutions and information management software that empowers their business”, “We invest in centralizing systems to reduce complexity. As we help organizations migrate to the cloud, we leverage NetApp’s portfolio to actively monitor and manage our hybrid multicloud environment with a unified control plane, allowing us effectively onboarding new customers to the cloud of their choice in a seamless experience.”                                                                                                                                                    Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO and CTO, OpenText.

The primary method for managing NetApp ONTAP, the market-leading data management software from NetApp, both on-premises and in the cloud, is NetApp BlueXP. ONTAP has become the top storage choice thanks to the more than 20 significant advances in its most recent version, which includes a new tamper-proof snapshot functionality and anti-ransomware security driven by AIOps. protected data Additionally, ONTAP’s flexibility as a data lake repository is increased by an enhancement of NetApp’s ground-breaking unified multi-protocol technology, which enables concurrent NAS file and S3 object access to the same data. For modern AI/machine learning channels, there is a vast amount of data.