Thales Collaborates with AWS to Integrate CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager to Support Data Sovereignty in the Cloud

Thales announced the opening of CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager’s AWS external key store integration. At AWS re:Invent 2022, this functionality of the AWS Key Management Service was unveiled. This connection enables businesses to keep control over encryption keys as sensitive data is transferred to the AWS cloud in response to growing calls for greater sovereignty controls amid expanding legal obligations.

AWS External Keystore, which was created in partnership with Thales from the start, interfaces with CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager to assist businesses wishing to shift sensitive workloads to the cloud while maintaining sovereign control over that data.

“We have had a strong technical collaboration with Thales from the very beginning in developing the AWS External Keystore specification . This is because we have a long history of expertise that we have developed.The cloud has become an important part of the business operations of various companies.Our combined expertise is unique to each organization. We provide a way to help meet the needs of organizations, giving them the peace of mind that they have industry-leading security controls in the process.”

Ken Beer , General Manager of Key Management Services at AWS

Encryption is the best method for securing data in the cloud, claims the Thales 2022 Cloud Security Survey. Only around a third (29%) of survey participants claim to have complete control over the encryption keys for their cloud-based encrypted data. In a contemporary data-driven environment defined by privacy compliance standards, regulated industries, and common IT security guidelines like the shared responsibility model and the NIS2 directive, user control of encryption and key management in hybrid IT is crucial. Exercise of sovereignty is a requirement for security.

Consumers of the AWS external key store can satisfy these pressing regulatory requirements thanks to CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager. Strong cryptography and data security methods are used, enabling enterprises to retain control over their data independent of cloud service providers. These security measures, also referred to as self-retaining keys (HYOK), enable enterprises to keep custody of their keys outside of cloud data repositories.

“Differences in data protection regulations from country to country have been a challenge for global organizations moving to the cloud . “Being able to leverage Thales solutions is especially important as organizations like ours increasingly rely on multi-cloud environments.”

Heleen Herselman , VP of AWS Powerhouse, T- Systems Cloud Services

With compatibility for all of the main public cloud service providers, CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager is the premier multi-cloud encryption key lifecycle management solution in the market. With the widespread usage of several clouds, this solution enables customers to consolidate key management across all clouds.

“This is a first-to-market integration that solves a key pain point for AWS cloud customers: how to keep data protected in the AWS cloud while maintaining encryption keys outside the cloud? As the industry leader in key management solutions, we are proud to offer cryptographic solutions that provide external control of keys and the ability to maintain cryptographic operations using those keys. CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager is at the forefront of advanced digital sovereignty, and we continue to introduce cutting-edge security and compliance capabilities that support organizations in their journey of digital transformation.”

Todd Moore, Vice President of Crypto Products at Thales