CognitiveScale Completes Acquisition by Tecnotree to Accelerate AI-Powered 5G Monetization Globally

The market leader in 5G digital Business Support Systems (BSS), Tecnotree, has announced today that it has completed its acquisition of CognitiveScale through an asset purchase agreement. Tecnotree has a global footprint with over 90 telecom customers in 70 countries and supports ecosystems with over one billion subscribers.

A market-leading AI engineering platform from CognitiveScale allows for AI-powered personalisation across the customer journey and is supported by more than 108 patents. By integrating personalised, predictive, prescriptive, and actionable insights into all digital channels, businesses utilise CognitiveScale to enhance the customer experience throughout the whole customer journey.

In terms of 5G digital Business Support Systems (BSS), Tecnotree is the market leader thanks to its extensibility across multiple clouds and AI/ML capabilities. With over 90 telecom clients spread over 70 nations, Tecnotree has a global footprint that supports ecosystems with more than one billion members. The first company offering digital platform services to receive Platinum Badge Certification from the TM Forum for Real World Open API standards is Tecnotree. In addition to connection, the company offers B2B2X partner ecosystem and fintech services for monetization spanning gaming, healthcare, education, and banking. Since 2020, Tecnotree has held the position of a leading stock on the Helsinki Nasdaq and has received recognition from Gartner for its solutions for revenue management and monetization as well as customer experience management.

“This acquisition by Tecnotree is an exciting extension of our mission to serve new industries and markets globally with our Cortex AI platform. We are thrilled that CognitiveScale Cortex can carry on and serve as the anchor for Tecnotree’s North America presence. The power of AI to drive intelligent use cases on top of Tecnotree’s digital platform is a game changer that will deliver a personalized marketplace of applications and services for consumers in all industries.”

Bob Picciano, CEO, CognitiveScale


“Tecnotree’s long-term goal is to deliver intelligent insights that will accelerate 5G monetization and total experience capabilities for its customers globally. This goal is now actualized via the CognitiveScale Cortex platform and will deepen our current telecom use cases and further establish Tecnotree as a Digital Service Provider in the North American market. CognitiveScale comes with a rich set of customers in the Healthcare and Fintech verticals that will have a positive multiplier effect on our B2B2X ecosystem play. This transaction is aligned to our current global strategy and customers’ expectations.”

Padma Ravichander, CEO, Tecnotree Corporation