Dealtale Announces the First Conversational AI Technology for Performance Marketing Analytics

Dealtale, a company of Vianai, the leader in causal AI for marketers, today announced the development of Marketing Co-pilot, a ChatGPT-like feature that allows marketers to book deals and Ask complex questions about their past, present, and future performance metrics and get instant data-driven feedback from their entire sales and marketing system, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics and social channels.

Marketing Co-pilot is designed to help marketers in all sectors make their best strategic decisions, from marketing executives to CMOs. For example, a demand-generating marketer might ask why certain segments are underperforming; a digital marketer may want to identify gaps in their customer journey; a content marketer might ask which blog has generated the most revenue; a CMO might want to see annual conversion trends. All these questions can be answered in seconds using Marketing Co-pilot.

At a time when most marketers are struggling to become revenue, the need for data clarity has never been more important. Marketing Co-pilot not only reduced response time from weeks to seconds but also introduced a new way to interact with systems that were previously limited to SQL queries and required technical expertise. technique to operate. Large, complex, and outdated applications containing some of the company’s most important customer and prospect data are now refreshed, reused, and democratized with this new innovation.

Marketing Co-pilot is now slated to launch in spring 2023, as seasoned AI experts from Vianai and Dealtale meticulously build a world-class user experience that enhances and enhances Highly specialized human marketers.

“Today’s announcement is a breakthrough for marketing professionals, as we put the power to ask any question, anytime, across advertising, sales and marketing systems directly into the hands of end-users,”
“We believe AI and LLM technology can empower people to be far more productive and effective in using their data, however, critical to this is ensuring the safety and reliability of the data, and the responses. This is why we have made trust and reliability foundational to our co-pilot offerings, leveraging our Human-Centered AI platform for monitoring the transparency and explainability of enterprise AI systems.” 
Dr. Vishal Sikka, Founder and CEO of Dealtale’s parent company, Vianai Systems.

The marketing co-pilot is directly integrated with Dealtale’s Revenue Science platform, whose primary goal is to provide marketers with the data they need with as little friction as possible.

“Marketing Co-pilot is a conversational AI offering that will provide deep data insights instantly and via a completely intuitive experience,”
“Marketers no longer need to rely on analysts to create custom reports or face the daunting task of building them themselves – they can simply ask for the information they need in an interactive and conversational format.”
Jake Klein, CEO of Dealtale.

Dealtale is currently offering discounted prices to customers who sign up before March 30.