Tangoe selects AYR’s SingularityAI platform

Leading technological expense and asset management firm Tangoe has chosen AYR, the next-generation IDP company, to integrate its SingularityAI Platform into its Telecom Expense Management application. As a result, Tangoe will be able to load invoices more quickly.

Tangoe prepares complex and unique bills for their large-scale business clients worldwide. Because there are countless invoice variations and fields can be hidden in blocks of text or multi-page tables, extracting fields from telecom invoices can be difficult. Processing speed is increased by the SingularityAI Platform.

“A proof of concept with AYR resulted in faster processing of our most complex use cases and we’re looking forward to building out the functionality across our telecom application”

Joshua Raymond, SVP Operations, Tangoe.


“We’re pleased to welcome Tangoe, leaders in telecom expense management, as our newest customer, and proud to have won their business”, “Solving data extraction problems is what we do. Tangoe brought us one of the most challenging use cases in the industry, with borderless and nested data tables that spanned multiple pages. The solution combines our propriety NLP, computer vision, and OCR technologies to produce a single model with an awareness of shape, form, and meaning in the context of unstructured data. AYR looks forward to a long relationship with Tangoe.” 

Scott Lee, Chief Revenue Officer at AYR.