Sectra launches next generation cloud portal to enhance clinical learning in medical education

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra launches a new generation of its cloud-based teaching platform Sectra Education Portal. It will greatly enhance students’ learning outside the classroom with significant improvements in usability and functionality. Aligned with Sectra’s overall commitment to deliver cloud-first software, it will facilitate for the hundreds of medical schools using the platform to bridge the gap between education and their students’ professional careers.

We want to give students the power to get as close to their future reality as they possibly can and at the same time help teachers to manage education efficiently in a landscape where we envisage an explosive increase in medical knowledge. Teachers and students will now be able to access Sectra’s unique visualization tools and clinical learning material through a completely new cloud-based web portal to further support that goal.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Johan Carlegrim, President of Sectra’s business unit Medical Education.

A growing need for care along with a rapid increase in medical knowledge is creating challenges when it comes to training healthcare personnel effectively. Managing these challenges requires new ways of working and new tools in medical education. The digital tools and actual patient cases in Sectra Education Portal help create a bridge between training and healthcare. When students can realistically interact with patient cases, it creates deeper understanding of and insight into anatomy as well as the body’s functions and processes. This improves the learning process and helps students develop their analytical and problem-solving skills. 

The “Best in KLAS” award-winning Sectra PACS is powering the teaching platform to enable the fast rendering of 3D images and provides a realistic learning experience by using the tools used in real clinical practice. The new generation of Sectra Education Portal has been developed to support students to browse and explore from their own devices no matter where they study from, as well as help teachers to prepare lessons. This makes it easier for universities to scale out usage to large numbers of teachers and students. As the platform is cloud-based the users get access to new functionality and clinical tools from anywhere and as soon as they become available. 

The new generation of Sectra Education Portal will be available for customers in the Fall 2022.

The Sectra Education Portal is a subscription-based Software-as-a-Service solution that provides visualization tools and content at the university, at home or at the hospital. The portal includes many anonymized medical cases and images that have been collected in collaboration with Sectra’s customers. It comprises anatomy, histopathology, radiology, trauma, orthopedics, oncology, surgery, and other specialties. Teachers can also choose to import and use their own content, which allows them to customize their lessons. The platform is provided by Sectra’s business unit Medical Education and is used by educational institutions and hospitals in over 60 countries worldwide. The number of unique users increased nearly 40% from 2020 to 2021 and the number of subscribers to the cloud service increased 21% during the 2021/22 fiscal year.

Get a preview of the new Sectra Education Portal at AMEE
The new generation of the teaching platform will be showcased at booth #61 during the yearly conference of the Association for Medical Education, which is held in Lyon, France, August 27-31. Read more and book a meeting with Sectra at AMEE 2022.