Nokia launches AI-based data collection software

Nokia has announced a cloud-based analytics software platform that provides insights into various networks using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to give employees an insight into the future. consensus on data based on their specialized functions.

Andrew Burrell, Portfolio Marketing Manager for Business Applications, AVA Customer and Mobile Network Insights analytics software collects data on 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks from multiple sources using knowledge data grid architecture.

Data is collected using probes and faucets in existing networks while using standard 3GPP network data analysis functionality on 5G networks.

It captures multiple data sources and aggregates them to provide a unified view for operators.

“Somebody in the engineering department requires a much more detailed view than somebody in the customer care department or somebody in the marketing organization,”
“This is a very rich product that’s applicable for all of those different departments within a CSP, as opposed to having a sort of point solution or a one-off tool that solves one specific problem,”
Andrew Burrell, head of portfolio marketing for business applications.

Customer service representatives can see the customer’s enrollment rate, the type of smartphone they are using, and whether engineering has worked to resolve the network issue.

The analysis software comes with a variety of dashboards for use across a variety of operator functions and components, but customization is available to larger service providers.

Ericsson and niche vendors offer similar capabilities in some regions, says Burrell, while some carriers develop tools in-house.