Katalon Quality Management Platform Launches Salesforce Test Automation Accelerator  

Katalon, a leading provider of the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art quality management platform, enables the development of software test automation accelerators for Salesforce business applications, including SalesCloud and ServiceCloud. Launched in partnership with Deloitte Canada, the new accelerator provides pre-built test script libraries for many of Salesforce’s most popular business processes, reducing test automation time by more than 50% Automate Salesforce and significantly reducing Salesforce test automation maintenance efforts.

The Katalon platform enables teams of all sizes to easily and efficiently test, launch, and optimize applications, products, and software. With a single platform to address all phases of the continuous testing lifecycle, developers and testers benefit from an enhanced experience to maximize their talent and efforts, allowing companies to bring their products to market faster.

“Salesforce customers will now find it easier than ever to ensure the quality of their Salesforce platform by implementing the Katalon and the Deloitte accelerator, resulting in a faster time to production and a lower total cost of ownership,”
Katalon VP of Partnerships Matthew Sandberg.
“Katalon’s robust omnichannel test automation capabilities will help our clients to focus on the value of quality, where elevating quality engineering functions to enable agility and efficiency is critical,”
“With Katalon, we can now provide a specialized accelerator for Salesforce automated testing that will be a catalyst to provide customers and their businesses with exceptional digital experiences.”
Deloitte National Director, Quality Engineering Offering Leader Jason Lee.

Katalon is an all-in-one, comprehensive quality management platform that empowers QA, DevOps, and software teams of all sizes to deliver faster, easier world-class customer experiences to customers. and more efficient. The platform accelerates software development from start to finish by supporting authoring, execution, and test automation insights in any application or environment, and flexible integration. active in the team’s architecture and processes. Founded in 2016, Katalon is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.