Merge Releases Integrations Management, a Suite of Features for Full Control and Visibility Over Customer Integrations

Merge, a product integration platform, announced the launch of Integration Manager, a feature set that provides complete control and visibility over customer-facing B2B integrations. Maintaining an integration takes time for SaaS companies, even more so than building the initial integration. With Integration Management, SaaS companies can view all API-based integrations their customers have configured and fix any potential customer configuration errors.

Integration Management includes a set of features to ensure reliable and quality integrations. Support teams view the live status of the built-in data synchronization, with detailed information about specific data fields. Engineering teams also have access to comprehensive logs, providing visibility into every API request in an easy-to-query interface. Integrated management including automatic crash reporting through the user interface and API to resolve customer configuration failures such as outdated API keys or pre-authorization issues when they become an important issue again. The toolkit also includes scopes to control and customize the data shared by each client’s referral process, respecting their data privacy preferences.

“It’s significantly harder and more time-consuming to maintain customer integrations than to build them. That’s why we built Integrations Management. It eliminates the need to build any in-house tooling or consider separate third party monitoring platforms. Merge is the only Product Integrations Platform that comes with this entire suite of features.”
Merge Co-Founder and CEO, Shensi Ding.
“Integrations Management provides a seamless experience whenever our customers set up an integration,”
“Combining the power of the Merge Dashboard and automatic alerts, it now takes my team an hour or less instead of five hours to identify potential data issues, reducing that time spent by 80% and saving us on operational costs.”
Daniel Marashlian, Co-Founder and CTO of Drata.
“After building an integration, we would start seeing issues come up with the previous ones we’d built. When starting Merge, I wanted to make sure Integrations Management was a key part of our product. We also did a lot of customer research and heard similar stories about the difficulties of what happens after building an integration.”
Gil Feig, Merge’s Co-Founder and CTO.