Innovaccer’s Enterprise CRM Scores 96.1* in 2023 Best in KLAS Report

Innovaccer Inc., the #1 data platform for value-based healthcare and healthcare providers, has announced that its enterprise CRM has received an overall rating of 96, 1* by KLAS Research in the category of Best in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the KLAS 2023 report. KLAS rates the Innovaccer highly in this category thanks to its 1:1 relationship between consumers and patients and helps organizations find, guide, and retain patients throughout their journey, from first touch to healthcare and beyond.

Based on feedback from healthcare executives using leading CRM solutions and collecting customer feedback on independent and multi-site cases, KLAS earned the rating Innovaccer Enterprise CRM 96.1* with a probability of 100. Innovaccer’s KLAS score exceeds the KLAS category average of 82 for CRM vendors and exceeds the average of 80.3 for all products KLAS rated products.

Innovaccer also received an “A+” rating in four of six KLAS studies on the pillars of customer experience, including culture, loyalty, relationships and values. Innovaccer also earned an “A” rating in the Performance and Product pillars. In the end, Innovaccer scored the highest A-level in all six categories.

Innovaccer helps unify a person’s health record with the industry’s #1 data platform for healthcare providers. Innovaccer’s data backbone empowers marketers, accessors, strategists, and value-driven care teams to create connected and consistent consumer-patient experiences that then multiply and personalize those experiences with rich 360-degree customer profiles based on vertical patient profiles. This enables healthcare organizations to transform a person’s overall engagement using an industry-first enterprise CRM solution to deliver both clinical and human contextual messaging. consumers through a fully integrated and automated communication tool.

“Innovaccer’s enterprise CRM is truly a first-of-a-kind for healthcare, and these exceptional KLAS scores reflect our exceptional capabilities, our commitment to being a true partner, and our customer’s satisfaction with our solution and vision,”
“They testify to our constant drive to accelerate success for customers who want to go beyond traditional approaches and engage with patients on their terms. This score also validates our view that being 100% consumer-centric and 100% value-driven is the right path for healthcare now and in the future. We thank KLAS for carrying out this insightful analysis and ranking our efforts to empower providers to give consumers the highest quality health experiences possible while strengthening the bottom line with net new growth, and giving the marketing team a massive new seat at the revenue table.”
Abhinav Shashank, cofounder and CEO of Innovaccer.

The best of KLAS: The Software and Services Report, which includes these CRM scores, is an annual review designed to help healthcare professionals evaluate the best technologies on the market. It recognizes software and service providers that excel in helping healthcare professionals improve patient care. The report also demonstrates the commitment and partnership that suppliers should offer to the industry.

KLAS collects performance data to evaluate suppliers using two methods over a 12-month period. The first method involves a series of face-to-face product/vendor reviews conducted by healthcare delivery organizations. The second method involves in-depth and confidential interviews with healthcare providers and payers to gather information about specific strengths, weaknesses, and future expectations. possible for each product. Based on customer feedback, the KLAS ranking is the gold standard for evaluating supplier excellence.

“Innovaccer’s customer management is superior to other vendors’ customer management, and that makes Innovaccer better,”
“Their product is customized to each of their clients, and Innovaccer gets to know their clients’ spaces. We have a good partnership with Innovaccer when it comes to deploying things and understanding requirements. The vendor brings in individuals as needed, but we always have single points of contact, and we can escalate things when we need to. Those things differentiate Innovaccer from other vendors.”
A Director was interviewed by KLAS in January 2023.