Swimlane Recognized in Three 2022 Gartner Reports

Swimlane, the low-code security automation company, announced recognition in three Gartner reports, including the Market Guide for Security Coordination, Automation, and Response (SOAR) solutions, Hype™ 2022 Cycle for Security Operations and Emerging Technology Impact Radar: Protect. Overall, the reports highlight the importance of security automation and low-code technology in addressing common cybersecurity challenges facing organizations today.

Swimlane believes that its description in these reports highlights the effectiveness of the Turbine security automation platform in unifying security operations and empowering teams to keep up with alerts, threats, and threats. emerging threats and complex security processes. The Swimlane Turbine transcends traditional SOAR with hard-to-reach remote shooting to expand the ability to act closer to the point of threat.

According to Gartner, “security and risk management leaders should consider using SOAR tools in their security operations to improve security operations efficiency and efficacy.”

Market Guide for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Solutions

The guide highlights that “Gartner clients continue to see problems with their environments where they have alert fatigue exacerbated further by complexity and duplication of tools. In principle, automation continues to show promise to assist with many of these persistent issues. SOAR solutions are primarily adopted to create consistency in security processes and improve threat detection and response by providing context enrichment and improving downstream prioritization.”

Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Security

This report highlights the growing need for simplified security frameworks as the complexity of security operations continues to grow. It states that “low-code/no-code security frameworks represent the ability to easily integrate security functionality within existing products and workflows. These tools provide a framework from which critical security functions can be seamlessly added to an existing product (such as a mobile application) or to automate SOC workflows (such as case management). Solutions typically provide a cloud-based development environment so that existing products and workflows can be easily integrated. This allows high-quality results to be achieved with relatively low skill in hours compared to what previously required significant domain expertise and took days or weeks.

2022 hype cycle for security operations

According to the report, “SOAR tools are very flexible and can be applied to different security operations centers (SOCs) and broader SecOps use cases. SOAR can improve the process and speed of performing repetitive tasks that are often difficult for SOCs, especially in tasks that are time-consuming and require little human expertise. This allows teams to spend more time on important tasks and activities. ”

“Automation is now the key to upscaling security operations,”
“We believe our inclusion in these Gartner reports validates the importance of low-code security automation. Our platform provides a system of record that enables automation in and outside the SOC. This helps today’s organizations address the challenges that stem from the current security staffing shortage, complex security environments and a constantly growing attack surface.”
Tony Thompson, chief marketing officer for Swimlane.