Helbiz Incorporates ChatGPT, OpenAI Technology

Helbiz, a top global supplier of electric shared micromobility solutions, declared the adoption of ChatGPT, a cutting-edge OpenAI technology, across a number of its business units. Helbiz is unwavering in its resolve to maintain its position at the forefront of technological advancement, and this integration is the first stage of a comprehensive strategy to include artificial intelligence. The adoption of OpenAI technology intends to significantly enhance first-touch communication between users and front-line operational employees, automate the bulk of regular tickets with personalized and human-like treatment, and raise operational efficiencies for an all-around improved service.

Helbiz will be able to customize its responses to consumers and deliver more pertinent and accurate information in real time thanks to ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model that is trained on a wide variety of internet material. The customer service and relations department of Helbiz will be able to handle more interactions with ChatGPT, enhancing customer satisfaction while lowering operational costs. By utilising ChatGPT’s capabilities, Helbiz hopes to immediately handle any possible areas that require attention from the operational, administrative, or software teams by identifying and summarizing patterns of difficulties and directly informing the pertinent parties internally.

Helbiz is implementing ChatGPT, a cutting-edge technology from OpenAI, across a number of its departments as part of a drive to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. By automating most typical tickets and processing them in a personalized, human-like manner, the integration intends to enhance first-touch communication. It also wants to discover and convey issue patterns, integrate into internal tools, and link into operational platforms. With better user satisfaction and profit margins, this integration represents a big step toward adopting AI across all customer touchpoints and businesses.

“The integration of OpenAI’s technology represents just a first step on the path of more deeply integrating AI across all of our operations and customer touchpoints to increase user satisfaction and margins in a measurable way”, “With ChatGPT-3 as a deeply integrated AI tool, we are not only able to enhance the overall customer support experience but also empower our front-line workers to access information quickly and resolve tasks, monitor and report on issues, and reduce the number of tasks escalated to tech support. This leads to increased operational efficiency and decreased operational costs, providing our customers with an even better experience, both in terms of customer support and riding and service.”

Jonathan Hannestad, COO, Helbiz


“We are excited to incorporate OpenAI’s technology into our operations”, “With ChatGPT, we will be able to provide our customers with the highest level of service and support, while also reducing our operational costs.”

Salvatore Palella, CEO, Helbiz

The OpenAI integration will soon be introduced in a few significant cities and expanded across the Helbiz platform on a worldwide basis. The addition of OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a key milestone in Helbiz’s commitment to utilising and creating cutting-edge technologies to improve the customer experience. Helbiz will be able to offer its clients a more seamless and effective service thanks to the integration of ChatGPT, making it simpler for them to locate the information they require and have their inquiries promptly answered.