Chainalysis integrates Coinbase Commerce

We’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated Coinbase Commerce so our customers can easily pay their bills with a variety of digital assets.

By offering this new payment option, we are supporting the changing needs of our customers, especially in the burgeoning DeFi sector.

This new integration allows us to streamline the payment process for many of our customers, removing traditional barriers and reducing obstacles associated with fiat transactions. With Coinbase Commerce, Chainalysis customers around the world can pay in an ever-increasing number of cryptocurrencies.

The integration of crypto payments is especially beneficial for customers who primarily operate in decentralized networks and depend on cryptocurrencies for their financial operations. These customers can now easily pay their bills without fiat currency conversion or traditional banking services.

“We recognize the unique needs of DeFi participants and are excited to support their operations by accepting a wide variety of digital assets,”
“This development demonstrates our dedication to fostering the continued growth and innovation of the DeFi industry.”
Rakib Azad, SVP Finance, Chainalysis.
“Through this integration with Coinbase Commerce, Chainalysis customers can use cryptocurrency to pay for a wide range of crypto-related services, streamlining their operations,”
“Cryptocurrency has the potential to create more economic freedom for every individual and business in the world. This collaboration is another step towards that vision.”
Will Robinson, Coinbase VP of Engineering.

Chainalysis customers who wish to pay with Coinbase Commerce should contact their Chainalysis account representative.