SES-imagotag Partners with Instacart to Augment Shopping Experiences with VUSION IOT Technology

Today, SES-imagotag, the global leader in digital solutions for physical and hybrid retail announced a partnership with Instacart, the leading grocery technology company in North America. The partnership will integrate SES-imagotag’s cutting-edge in-store technologies like digital price tags and the VUSION Retail IOT cloud platform into retail stores to make the shopping process seamless for grocers and consumers. 

Searching for a single product on a shelf can be time-consuming. With SES-imagotag’s VUSION IOT retail cloud platform and digital price tags, customers will be able to significantly reduce the time they spend picking items with precise product geolocation, maps that provide optimized pick-up paths and 180-degree blinking LED lights. 

We’re at a pivotal moment in retail as hybrid shopping or shopping in-store augmented with an online component becomes the norm, At SES-imagotag, we believe physical stores are the ideal local logistics network for quick deliveries and order pick-ups. The VUSION IoT platform enables stores to become a logistics hub, combining the ease and speed of the internet with the proximity and convenience of physical local stores to enhance in-store retail operations. We look forward to partnering with Instacart to support shoppers, customers, and retailers operationally as demand for hybrid retail skyrockets.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Philippe Bottine, North American CEO of SES-imagotag.

The last three years have shown a complete paradigm shift in the way consumers shop. From a pandemic-induced rush to eCommerce to today’s hybrid preference, millions of consumers now rely on services like Instacart to get their favorite products and essentials from local stores quickly. With enhancing technology like SES-imagotag’s VUSION Retail IoT cloud platform, customers can get their preferred products and support their favorite local stores faster than ever before. 

Instacart will be exhibiting at Groceryshop from September 19-22 in Las Vegas. Show attendees can see demos of SES-imagotag’s VUSION technology and electronic shelf labels first-hand along with other in-store technologies from Instacart.