Rackspace Technology Launches Foundry for Generative AI by Rackspace

Rackspace Technology a leading end-to-end, multicloud technology solutions company, today announced Foundry for Generative AI by Rackspace (FAIR™), a groundbreaking global practice dedicated to accelerating the secure, responsible and sustainable adoption of generative AI solutions across industries.

FAIR aims to be a force multiplier to accelerate the pragmatic and secure use-case-based adoption of generative AI in businesses across all industries. It builds on unique Rackspace Technology IP and multicloud capabilities along with their global footprint to facilitate:

  • Cutting-edge AI/ML, analytics, data services, and assets gained through the strategic acquisition of Just Analytics.
  • Industry-leading partnerships, with leading hyperscalers, including the extended ecosystem of open-source AI solutions featuring Hugging Face and stability.ai, to drive rapid Open Innovation.
  • The development of AI Private Cloud capabilities, including GPU-based high-performance computing, low latency storage solutions such as Rackspace Data Freedom, and secure networking across 30 plus global data centers, to enable the data kinetics needed to build advanced AI models in a private, secure, and on-demand environment.

Generative AI Offerings to Drive Customer Success

  • FAIR Generative AI Ideation Workshop: An interactive and collaborative ideation workshop that helps organizations uncover actionable use cases for generative AI with defined business impacts. AI readiness diagnostics provide critical considerations for successful AI adoption.
  • FAIR Generative AI Incubate: An agile and iterative program that co-creates an enterprise’s first generative AI solution. It establishes the technology stack and assesses the viability of AI, ensuring seamless integration into organizational processes.
  • FAIR Generative AI Industrialize: A systematic effort to transform the AI solution into a product, implementing governance, defining metrics, and optimizing the AI model and Distributed Cloud Infrastructure for continuous improvement.

As part of the FAIR Platform, more than 100 use cases have been identified in a variety of industries, and some of the first implementations of this kind around the world are in development. We leveraged AI to launch an Intelligent Enterprise Co-pilot (ICE™). Developed within FAIR, ICE is a co-pilot, helping to increase the productivity and efficiency of go-to-market teams. It harnesses the power of AI to automate routine tasks, identify interesting leads, display relevant data and content, and provide contextual, follow-up analytics. real-time for hyper-personalized interactions with customers.

“As we extend our AI/ML capabilities, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with generative AI,”
“Foundry for Generative AI by Rackspace (FAIR) showcases our technology-leaning dedication to innovation, commitment to open source, and ambition to be at the forefront of data-driven solutions that benefit our customers and partners. We aim to develop solutions that leverage the full potential of generative AI across various industries.”
Amar Maletira, CEO of Rackspace Technology.