Why Do Developers Cherish Python, Despite Its Biggest Downsides?

Python has some downsides; developers can observe that the advantages exceed the disadvantages. Python programming language may not be as old as some of the other languages, but developers need to have an understanding of different programming languages. Most developers and coders have started working on Python; hence, developers need to learn python language. Python is one of the languages that is witnessing incredible growth and popularity year by year. Python allows developers to make capacities with fewer lines of code, which would not be the situation with other programming languages. As popular as it is, there are several disadvantages of using Python as well, but it supports first-class enterprise projects and hence is one of the favorite languages of developers, despite its biggest downsides.
Why are more developers using Python for their projects?
To support the creation of new and exciting applications, developers need a robust programming language. That’s where the Python programming language comes in. Most top companies look for developers and coders who have a great understanding of the Python language. The python developer community is one of the most incredibly active programming language communities. It is quite popular for having various libraries and frameworks. That is why many developers choose to work with Python. If a developer wants to automate their tasks that require various tools and modules, they use Python. Most developers will charge more for work on a development project if they’re reasonably skilled, which means that Python-based projects can at least be relatively inexpensive when handled by a team of experienced developers.  As Python has a range of in-built solutions, the speed of development projects increases by many times. There are a major, steady Python developers’ group and a lot of aides available. Hands down, probably the best thing about Python is its enormous designer network.
Python’s biggest downsides for developers:
Python’s main downsides are slowness during execution, problems switching to another language, weakness in mobile app development, excessive memory consumption, and lack of acceptability in the business development industry. Python is a powerful programming language that poses few problems for developers, and it has sparked a lot of interest in large-scale development projects. After the high memory usage, its lack of speed is one of the biggest drawbacks of Python. Python is not a good choice for tasks where the user wants to optimize memory, i.e., a memory-intensive language. It is not memory efficient, and it has slow processing power as compared to other languages. The users of Python get so accustomed to its easy syntax and some users also feel that the Java codes are unnecessary due to their complexity. Therefore, Python has a very vulnerable nature, and the users start taking everything lightly. Python is a simple, versatile, and complete programming language. It is a great choice for developers. Although it has some downsides, we can observe that the advantages exceed the disadvantages. Even Google has made Python one of its primary programming languages.

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