Big Purple Dot Aligns with CoreLogic to Launch Transformative Mortgage Recruiting Platform

Transformative Mortgage Recruiting Platform Launch :

A leading global provider of property information, analytics, and data-enabled solutions, CoreLogic, has partnered with Big Purple Dot, a provider of an ecosystem of mortgage marketing technologies, to launch a mortgage recruiting platform that offers comprehensive production data on loan originators (LOs) and a customer relationship management (CRM) service to aid lenders in their hiring processes. CoreLogic data will fuel the platform.

The new recruiting platform enables the mortgage industry to analyse a loan officer’s, lender’s, and broker’s loan production volume, loan type, and number of loans generated and intelligently reach out to them with technology tools like video messaging, SMS, and automated marketing, at scale. The platform uses the most recent and accurate data, and analytics per loan officer available in the industry, supplied by CoreLogic, and the framework of Big Purple Dot’s lead management and CRM system. Additionally, the new platform has built-in contact details including the creator’s email address, mobile number, and physical location.

“Our new product performs a deep dive into each loan originator’s production metrics, providing unrivaled mortgage insight and technology to help loan originators not only hire but to also effectively forecast and operate their business,” “CoreLogic is the nation’s leader in mortgage data, so they were the ideal data source to help create the industry’s most powerful recruiting platform”, “Not only does this new platform reflect our shared vision and goals, we believe it will also forever transform how mortgage lenders recruit top sales professionals.”                                                                                                                                                                                  Roxana Davidoff Big Purple Dot CEO.


“When it comes to mortgage CRM technology, Big Purple Dot is at the forefront”, “Given Big Purple Dot’s unique position as a mortgage CRM leader, this strategic alignment is an excellent opportunity to help loan originators make better choices when hiring LOs.”                                             Brian Battaglia, executive, Property Intelligence at CoreLogic.

Big Purple Dot claims that an independent mortgage banker already used the platform to find originators and that these originators have already generated an extra $450 million in volume. The mortgage banker ran a single CRM campaign via text messaging.

“In today’s challenging market, lenders need to know more loan production details when hiring prospects to ensure they will excel. This new recruiting platform gives lenders everything they need to know.”                                                                                                             Aldo Sarmiento, President and Chief Technology Officer, Big Purple Dot.

The CRM capabilities of the recruiting platform continue to support the development of such relationships within the company even after new loan originators are employed.

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