Veritone Launches SPORT X, an AI-Driven, Short-Form Sports Video Licensing Marketplace

SPORT X is a new intelligent marketplace that allows sports federations and content producers from all over the world to licence short-form sports video directly to media buyers, maximising additional revenue streams and their visibility among media organisations. It was created by Veritone, Inc., the company behind the hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform aiWARE. Customers in the EMEA region will receive SPORT X first, with plans for future expansion.

With SPORT X, sports rights holders like ATP Media, Euroleague Basketball, and Extreme E have joined forces. Other federations and proprietors of sporting content are in advanced talks to upload their material to SPORT X in the upcoming weeks. In addition, SPORT X intends to include content from SNTV, the greatest sports news video platform in the world, which will feature footage from this year’s World Cup in Qatar, including press conferences, profiles of all 32 teams, fan zones, stadium profiles, and game evaluations.

“This is an exciting development for Veritone and the sports media industry. SPORT X provides a supplementary revenue stream and new global customer base for producers of sports content and short-form video globally. This is another innovative step for the company and comes on the heels of last week’s announcement of our AI-voice partnership with sports data and tech leader Stats Perform as we move deeper into the sports space as a business,”                                                                                                                                                                                                      Veritone President Ryan Steelberg.

SPORT X is driven by aiWARE to instantly transmit high-quality, legally-adequate, indexed, and metadata-rich video in an extremely secure setting. The rights holder will choose the price based on the usage type, content, and geographic area. When demand increases, content owners can add multipliers.

Federations and video suppliers can make highlights, news, social media posts, and user-generated content available for licencing on SPORT X without paying a price up front. Depending on the licence restrictions established by the video source, media buyers may use the footage for all forms of editorial, sports programming, TV shows, social or digital channels.

“Our goal is to connect global sports content owners with a network of media buyers in a highly accessible sports content exchange, using AI that will continue to learn buying and selling patterns from both sides of the marketplace. This is an opportunity for sports content producers to maximize the monetization of their digital assets and at the same time reach new audiences and grow their sport’s footprint,”                                                                                          Elizabeth Eastham, managing director of SPORT X at Veritone.

“We are able to give tailored and contextualised content recommendations in real-time with AI,” continued Eastham. To produce a distinctive feed for purchasers, data points from the accessible media are combined with buying history, territory, platform, event, and athlete preferences. This effectively expedites the search for pertinent information, saving buyers’ time while enabling sellers to expand their content prospects and increase their earnings.

SPORT X is for anyone who owns the rights to top-notch, currently available sports content that can be licenced. At the time of ingesting the content, the owner’s approval of the rights is determined; this information can be updated whenever it becomes available. Sellers have the option of geo-blocking content that they do not want to licence in specific regions. With the help of SPORT X’s analytics dashboard, retailers can fine-tune their content strategies by understanding how and where their material is performing with consumers.

Only videos that are specifically designated for media buyers can be accessed when they create an account and log in. In order to maintain a high level of security and guarantee that funds are safeguarded, SPORT X uses the financial payment processing platform Stripe. Most popular credit cards and debit cards are accepted by Stripe.

SPORT X enhances Veritone’s current services for international sports federations, leagues, clubs, and broadcasters. One of these is Veritone Digital Media Hub, a white-label asset management and monetization solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that enables content owners to increase the revenue they receive from their assets by creating their own online storefront and makes content more discoverable through AI-powered metadata tagging and content management.

Veritone also disclosed a new collaboration with Stats Perform, a leader in data and AI in sports technology and a source of real-time play-by-play, pre-game, in-game, and post-game updates. The solution brings localised, real-time AI voice capabilities to broadcasters, content producers, media organisations, brand agencies, teams, leagues, and betting platforms around the world. It does this by combining the power of Veritone’s award-winning synthetic voice AI technology and Stats Perform’s unmatched sports data.