Spryker Launches Composable Value Services to Unlock Value of Composable Commerce

Spryker, the leading enterprise commerce platform for complex commerce use cases in B2B, enterprise marketplaces and Thing Commerce, today launches Aggregated Value Services for all Spryker customers. The new set of tools and services will enable businesses to get the most out of their investment in composable commerce, ensure faster ROI, and accelerate progress from adoption to results. business.

Spryker’s Composable Value Services are designed to parallel the customer journey to optimize implementation and success. Spryker has identified four value steps to support its customers with tailored solutions. Each service is specifically designed to help customers achieve their business goals and is a unique package that combines Spryker’s strategic solution and technology partner services with successful support services. Spryker’s work. The four stages of value are:

  • Business Model Innovation: focuses on ideation and business model refinement with services such as Innovation Bootcamp, Vision & Roadmap Design as well as Business Case Sparring.
  • Organizational Foundation: aims to support customers in the setup of the required infrastructure, processes and capabilities.
  • Technical Implementation: this is all about launching successfully, supported with services such as Project Launch and Implementation technical guidance.
  • Project Launch and Scale: includes services and tools such as the Business Model & Use Case Navigator, and Transformation Maps to fuel growth and performance in close alliance with the customer’s strategic goals.
“Given the current macroeconomic climate and challenges businesses are facing, higher and faster ROI is critical. Organizations are seeking to unlock the capabilities of their software investments faster than ever before and need to see swift business model validation and tangible bottom-line contributions while facilitating quicker time-to-change,”
“Our new Composable Value Services offering is a pivotal element to achieving this. With our focused industry-led approach, we are able to help our customers compose outcomes beyond technology and adopt both Spryker and our partner’s technology in a way that is more closely aligned with their business goals to ensure they achieve them.”
Boris Lokschin, Co-Founder and CEO at Spryker.

Another aspect of the new service that adds to Spryker’s #1-rated composable commerce platform is the availability of expert-led technical services. In highly scalable and globally active enterprise environments, customers want experts to provide high-level services such as deployment guidance, code reviews, scalability testing, safety and performance, as well as training and testing sessions. This offer allows organizations to create business or technical roles that match the relevant triggers.

In addition, the newly created Success Department, with access to a cross-functional team of experts, is available should a customer need assistance in a critical situation. This complements Spryker Academy content for technical and business stakeholders and is further supported by a community of “swarm members” that regularly participate through meetups. , advisory boards and other events.

“Together with our global Solution and Technology partners, Spryker’s launch of Composable Value Services is setting a new standard in the enterprise commerce industry by delivering outcomes beyond technology and paving the way to true, tangible business success for our customers,”
“We look forward to continuing to expand the support we provide so our next-generation platform offering is backed by outstanding services that empower our customers to innovate and boost ROI across their business.”
Eric Schreiner, Chief Customer Officer at Spryker.

Additionally, existing global corporate customers can now upgrade to the new Premier Success SLA with the best-in-class 99.99% uptime. Additionally, a dedicated Partner Success Management team will also provide Spryker Partners with the resources, tools, and guidance needed to deliver projects efficiently and further shorten lead times value.