Full Circle Insights Partners with 6sense on Integration that Empowers Marketers to Measure the Impact of ABM Strategies Inside the CRM

Full Circle Insights, a provider of marketing and sales performance measurement solutions that enable B2B marketers to optimize their marketing mix and generate more revenue, and 6sense, the leading platform for business’ predictable B2B revenue generators, today announced that the companies have teamed up for an integration that allows revenue teams to measure the impact of account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. theirs in the CRM.

The first martech solution to give B2B marketers the ability to measure campaign performance within the ABM funnel, Full Circle ABM now integrates with 6sense to enable account tracking from the detected step, indicating when How can an account be recognized as market-based? based on intent signals, up to closed cases. Because Full Circle ABM is built into CRM, marketing and sales teams that use it to measure campaign impact can organize around a single source of honest data and operate more efficiently.

“Aligning sales and marketing teams by providing valuable account insights to prioritizing accounts with higher conversion potential and measuring the activation of target accounts makes your CRM smarter,”
“Together we are creating more streamlined and effective workflows so customers on both sides can follow a comprehensive ABM funnel that includes our robust intent data.”
Elliot Smith, Head of Partnerships, 6sense.

This new integration leverages intent data from 6sense to define accounts for targeted revenue groups, as well as predict purchase stages. 6sense captures signals of buyer intent through relevant and trusted B2B sources to provide visibility to market accounts actively looking for seller solutions. This generates actionable insights and eliminates guesswork to help organizations build and convert processes into revenue more efficiently. 6sense integrates with CRM platforms so customers can set up orchestras that automatically collect, enhance, clean, and sync critical data into a single source for sales and marketing. The 6sense Revenue AI™ AI-powered recommendations are then used to drive meaningful engagement with different audiences across all channels.

“6sense takes the guesswork out of the ABM targeting equation for B2B organizations and aligns sales and marketing teams around the de facto revenue system of record — the CRM,”
“Improving funnel visibility and fostering closer sales and marketing alignment are values Full Circle has in common with 6sense, so we’re thrilled to work with a leading intent data provider on an integration that improves ABM campaign efficiency.”
Full Circle Insights President and CEO Bonnie Crater.