Sphera Marks a Decade as a Market Leader in EHS Software in Independent Analyst Report

Sphera received top marks for ESG and sustainability management as well as for air emissions management in the 2023 Green Quadrant EHS Software assessment.

Leading independent research and advisory company Verdantix has named Sphera, a leading global provider of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and risk management software, data, and consulting services, as a market leader in the 2023 Green Quadrant EHS Software study.

The Green Quadrant EHS Software report provides a thorough, fact-based comparison of the most well-known environment, health, and safety (EHS) software platform suppliers in an effort to aid organisations in better understanding the market evolution of the EHS software ecosystem. Since Verdantix released Sphera in 2012, it has continuously earned the top rank in the Leaders quadrant of the Green Quadrant EHS Software Report. The past two years have seen Sphera experience a particularly significant market upswing. The Sphera 2023 report emphasises the company’s extensive offerings and out-of-the-box capabilities and lists Sphera’s experience working with large multinational corporations, functionality across EHS, ESG, operational risk management (ORM), and product stewardship as key factors for companies looking for a reliable EHS software solution.

For assisting with target formulation at various organisational levels, managing sustainability programmes, and providing advanced forecasting and trend spotting, Sphera received the top rating out of the 23 suppliers evaluated for ESG and sustainability management. In the first Verdantix Carbon Management Green Quadrant report, which was issued earlier this year, Sphera also received good marks for these qualities. Sphera’s “richness of net zero performance measures available out of the box and can find correlations between data utilising the AI-powered SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability Trend Finder tool” is cited in the Green Quadrant EHS Software report as a significant strength. The report also mentions Sphera as one of the few providers among those evaluated to have both CDP accreditation and Global Reporting Initiative certification (GRI).

Sphera achieved a flawless score in the GHG emissions management category for their comprehensive offering that makes it easy to gather and verify data for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions data. “Users can report against GHG regulations globally through an array of out-of-the-box reporting templates and a comprehensive library of emission factors from both public sources and the firm’s proprietary Managed Life Cycle Assessment Content (formerly GaBi database), which provides more than 15,000 data sets,” the report explains. One of the largest private equity firms in the world and a shareholder in Sphera, the Blackstone Group, incorporated Sphera’s carbon accounting solutions earlier this year into its emissions reduction programme, which aims to cut carbon emissions by 15% across a number of Blackstone’s portfolio companies.

Sphera obtained the highest rating for controlling air pollution. Air emissions are enabled by a powerful calculation engine and formula builder, which also gives access to troubleshooting tools, as stated in the paper. More than 1,800 clients have chosen Sphera to manage their air and related emissions, underscoring the company’s capacity to satisfy regulatory requirements in numerous jurisdictions, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, the EU, and the U.K.

“We are very honored to be continually recognized by Verdantix as a leader in EHS software”, “Sphera is committed to enabling businesses globally to manage and mitigate risk and achieve their ESG ambitions, and we’re proud to be acknowledged for the robust capabilities that our software solutions provide. Bringing innovative solutions to market that allow organizations to have a holistic view of their ESG performance and risk profile—thus enabling them to make better business decisions and mitigate risk—is critical to our mission of creating a safer, more sustainable and productive world.”

Paul Marushka, CEO and president, Sphera


“Verdantix finds that customers are increasingly seeking to eradicate the data silos that have historically existed between EHS and adjacent functions”, “Firms intent on deploying a comprehensive environmental management platform that combines functionality across EHS, ESG, ORM and product stewardship should ascertain the value of leveraging Sphera.”

Chris Sayers, Industry Analyst, Verdantix