Sense Selects Iguazio for AI Chatbot Automation with AWS, Snowflake and NVIDIA

Iguazio, the MLOps platform provider, and Sense, a market leader in artificial intelligence (AI) driven talent engagement for recruiting, today announced that the Iguazio MLOps platform has been selected to power a wide range of AI products aimed at increasing the efficiency and scalability of Sense’s AI operations. Sense is leveraging automation and AI to speed up the recruitment process, while delivering a hyper-personalized candidate experience.

Sense is a leader in talent engagement, with over 700 customers and an annual growth rate of over 100%. Sense provides the Sense AI Chatbot – an automated recruiting assistant that can engage with candidates 24/7, responding to their queries in real-time even when human recruiters are offline. It engages with candidates across SMS, mobile, and web, matches them to jobs, schedules interviews, and handles intelligent communications, including FAQs. The chatbot pairs conversational AI with automated communication and engagement workflows so organizations can engage with candidates at scale.

Sense has a large team of data scientists and machine learning (ML) engineers with deep expertise in conversational AI both voice and text. The team’s challenge was building the complex natural language processing (NLP) serving pipeline, with custom model ensembles, to track question-to-question context and enable sentiment tracking. Off the shelf chatbot solutions were not sufficient.

For this complex MLOps project, we needed that powerful mix of high-performance real-time serving graphs, NVIDIA accelerated computing, and the ability to scale up and down based on load, Iguazio was the best MLOps platform that provided all of these capabilities”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Alex Rosen, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Sense.

Sense chose Iguazio to build a robust, automated, real-time NLP pipeline. The solution leverages the connectivity of Iguazio’s MLOps platform and built-in feature store with the Snowflake Data Cloud to speed up feature engineering, deep integration on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manage cloud consumption costs, and smart scheduling capabilities for NVIDIA accelerated computing to manage GPU usage in an efficient and scalable way. Iguazio, an NVIDIA AI Accelerated program member, also leverages NVIDIA AI software such as NVIDIA Triton Inference Server to deploy, run, and scale trained models from any framework on any GPU- or CPU-based infrastructure, and NVIDIA RAPIDS for accelerated data science.

Sense is one of the most innovative HR technology providers in the market today, the sophisticated way in which it is using NLP to automate recruitment is a game changer for its customers. We are proud to enable Sense to take its AI chatbot to the next level, with our partners AWS, Snowflake and NVIDIA.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Asaf Somekh, Co-Founder and CEO of Iguazio.

Sense selected Iguazio through AWS Marketplace, which allowed all parties to accelerate and automate the procurement process. The Iguazio platform is deployed in AWS GovCloud, which gives government customers and their partners the flexibility to architect secure cloud solutions that comply with the FedRAMP High baseline; the DOJ’s Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Security Policy; and other compliance requirements. This procurement method paves the way for other enterprises to securely acquire and use the Iguazio platform in AWS Marketplace.