Recur Introduces Recur Builder, an All-In-One Software Platform Helping Enterprises Manage All Aspects of WEB3 at Scale

RECUR Builder is a new end-to-end, low-code, and enterprise-grade Software as a Service (SaaS) platform from RECUR, the leading web3 platform known for assisting major corporations develop creative, multi-chain digital collectible experiences.

Enterprises can create, launch, and manage web3 experiences at scale with RECUR Builder, all under one centralized SaaS dashboard.

This new platform enables businesses to fully utilise web3’s enormous potential. In the past, companies have had difficulty negotiating the operational and technological complexity of web3. Most companies have thus far failed to realize the unique potential of web3, which includes developing next-generation commerce experiences, boosting user retention, improving loyalty programs with higher levels of personalization, and more.

The goal of RECUR Builder was to lower the barriers to entry for businesses into the web3 market. Notably, RECUR has already given major companies including Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Hello Kitty, Care BearsTM, Star TrekTM, Top Gun: Maverick, emojiTM, and more the web3 infrastructure. With the help of this SaaS platform, businesses of all sizes can now easily incorporate web3 into their current goods, marketing strategies, video games, and other items. The full web3 stack is now available to businesses in a single end-to-end software package.

“RECUR Builder bridges the gap between web2 and web3. With this SaaS tool, marketers and product leaders can enter web3 and focus on what they do best. Now, a marketer focused on loyalty doesn’t have to be a web3 expert too. Instead, they can leverage RECUR Builder to integrate web3 seamlessly and enhance their existing loyalty program.” “For the first time, anyone from marketers running loyalty programs to product managers laying out their roadmaps can capture all the value web3 has to offer with one frictionless SaaS platform.”

Zach Bruch, CEO, RECUR