Quantiphi Achieves Elite Tier Partner Status with Snowflake, Furthering Data Driven Decision Making with AI Innovations

Quantiphi, an AI-first digital company, has announced that it has been awarded the title of Elite Partner by Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company. As an Elite Partner, Quantiphi can accelerate the digital transformation of general customers who can take full advantage of the performance, flexibility, and near-limitless scalability. of the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Over the past few years, Quantiphi has expanded Snowflake’s operations globally, driving broader customer adoption, and delivering developments and innovations that enable customers to maximize and mobilize data. their data using the Snowflake Data Cloud. As an Elite Partner, Quantiphi will continue to develop and expand its services on Snowflake, especially with features that use Snowpark, Snowflake libraries and runtimes for deployment and processing. non-SQL code safely, such as Python. Quantiphi’s partnership with Snowflake and their expertise in Snowpark will enable customers to derive greater value from their data investments by using machine learning and AI to deliver results. real business.

“We are thrilled to be recognized as an Elite partner of Snowflake,”
“This tier up reflects our unwavering dedication to helping our clients harness the power of Snowflake’s cutting-edge technology. As an Elite partner, Quantiphi will continue to work closely with Snowflake to explore new opportunities, provide comprehensive support, and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving data landscape.”
Bhaskar Kalita, Global Head of Financial Services and Insurance and Executive Sponsor, Snowflake Alliance at Quantiphi.
“Our team is committed to delivering exceptional results and driving our clients’ success through our expertise of the Snowflake Data Cloud and our proficiency in leveraging Snowpark’s capabilities. We are particularly excited about the integration of Snowpark, as it opens up new possibilities for our clients to accelerate AI-powered innovation and gain valuable insights from their data”
Pronoy Roy who leads the Snowflake alliance for Quantiphi.

Quantiphi’s Snowflake Alliance is supported by a dedicated team of over 115 certified SnowPro Core, Advanced Architect and Snowflake Sales professionals. The large team of certified Snowflake experts has worked to more than ten wins over the past six months and has been actively collaborating with the Snowflake team to help customers thrive in a competitive, data-rich environment. tight management. Last year, Quantiphi was also present at the biggest data cloud event – Snowflake Summit in Vegas, Snowflake’s Data Cloud World Tour in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi to meet and help enterprise customers find new ways to solve problems. the most important data initiatives.

“At Snowflake, we are committed to building a vibrant ecosystem of partners who share our vision of transforming the way businesses use data. Snowflake’s partnership with Quantiphi has been instrumental in helping our joint customers realize the full potential of our platform.
As leading enterprises across the world take AI mainstream- in order to solve complex business challenges, we are excited about our partnership with Quantiphi, with their deep data and AI skills.
We congratulate Quantiphi on achieving Elite partnership status and look forward to leveraging their deep expertise in AI/ML, data engineering, and analytics to drive innovation and value for our customers,”
Dhiraj Narang, Director, Partnerships, Snowflake India.