New Salesforce for Retail Innovations Help Personalize Every Shopping Moment

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, today announced a series of new innovations to help retailers grow and optimize advertising sales, gain a single view of transactions across digital and physical stores, and unlock value from their customer data.

New Salesforce data shows that a disconnected experience is a top frustration customers have with retailers. What’s more, 79% of consumers surveyed plan to reassess their retail spending over the next 12 months. However, 65% will remain loyal to companies that offer a more personalized experience.

Consumers today expect every moment to be connected, personalized, and seamless, and to succeed now, retailers must deliver on those expectations”, “Salesforce for Retail brings together the power and flexibility of Salesforce’s platform with an expansive ecosystem so retailers can leverage real-time data to acquire new customers, deliver personalized experiences, generate advertising revenue, increase margins, and drive efficiency.”

Jujhar Singh, EVP and GM of Salesforce Industries

Salesforce for Retail Media assists merchants in increasing and optimizing their advertising revenue.

Retailers are searching for novel methods to utilize customers’ first-party data as they navigate recent data privacy restrictions. New Salesforce for Retail Media technologies assist companies in utilizing that first-party data, providing them with fresh audience insights, improved targeting, and the tools they need to increase ad revenue. Businesses can: with Salesforce for Retail Media:

  • To give ad buyers direct access to target audiences, combine first-party data.
  • Streamline connections with advertisers, increase operational effectiveness, and shorten sales cycles by using automation and workflows.
  • Utilize actionable insights and timely reports to improve the performance of your campaigns.

Innovations in the commerce cloud and collaborations produce seamless shopping experiences

Retailers must develop fresh strategies for raising revenue and margins while enhancing efficiency and lowering expenses. As the time to value is accelerated, operations are streamlined, and customers are kept coming back to merchants’ online stores, new Commerce Cloud innovations provide seamless experiences. Retailers can: use Commerce Cloud

  • With a new alliance between Mad Mobile, Stripe, and Salesforce, you can get a single view of transactions across digital and physical locations. In addition to Mad Mobile serving as the point of sale and Stripe Terminal providing payment services and hardware, merchants may now use Salesforce Payments as their payment service provider in physical storefronts.
  • With improvements to Composable Storefront, such as a new API, implementation accelerators, and out-of-the-box analytics and dashboards that assist adapt experiences based on shopper context, you can shorten time to value and boost conversion rates.
  • With the aid of hundreds of Commerce Cloud partners that will soon be accessible on AppExchange, you can streamline operations, automate payments, increase fulfillment capabilities, and more.

Genie’s unified data boosts brand efficiency and personalization for consumers.

Retailers must stretch every dollar in an environment of economic uncertainty and constrained budgets. Retailers can enhance efficiency by lowering integration costs, breaking down data silos, controlling data quality, and unlocking value from their existing customer data with new technologies powered by Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud. They will benefit:

  • With the new CDP Azure Storage Connector, you can enhance customer profiles with information from Azure Data Lake Storage and promote personalization across channels. Retailers may simply feed data stored in Azure into Genie Customer Data Cloud thanks to a connector created by Salesforce.
  • Utilizing the new Marketing Cloud Intelligence Data Control Center, automatic data management will guarantee that performance and reporting data are accurate and trustworthy.
  • Utilize the MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail to synchronize customer, sales order, product, and inventory data across systems to generate a single shopper view, customize marketing interactions, and observe real-time inventory.

Additionally, using Salesforce Loyalty Management, shops can increase member engagement, improve customer retention, and boost program ROI. Now, businesses can quickly roll out new promotions, customize loyalty reward programs, assess income forecasts by promotions, and take corrective action to meet promotion objectives—all while providing excellent customer service and increasing agent efficiency.

Dynamic connected experiences help Salesforce customers drive success now

Casey’s Delivers More Personalized Customer Experiences with Salesforce

“Before Salesforce, we had multiple fragmented marketing systems that did not talk to one another, and had no commonality”, “When we selected Salesforce, we had the ability to easily organize and unify all of our customer data to communicate in a consistent way, leading to an increase in customer loyalty and less work for our marketers.”

Art Sebastian, Vice President of Digital Experience, Casey’s

Duluth Trading Co. Creates Fast, Flexible, and Convenient Shopping Experiences with Salesforce

“In today’s environment, it’s important to keep a close ear and eye on what the customer is doing and be able to quickly pivot to meet their shifting needs”, “Salesforce gives us the insights, flexibility, and efficiency needed to make that pivot while continuing to craft the exact experience our customers are looking for.”

Beth Heeney, Director of eCommerce, Duluth Trading Co.