Huawei introduces a storage portfolio to find the right technology for the right scenario

right technology for the right scenario

At Huawei Connect 2022, Huawei unveiled a number of storage products and solutions with scenario-specific technology for a range of industries with the goal of assisting businesses in realising the potential of their data.

The vision behind the storage portfolio is to create “a data-centric, trustworthy storage foundation for various applications” in scenarios such as production and transactions, data analysis and data backup.                                                                                                                      Dr. Peter Zhou , President of Huawei IT Product Line

According to Huawei, the digital age will bring about four significant changes to data storage:

  1. From standard databases to distributed databases, big data, and AI applications, new data applications are continually being developed.
  2. Data processing and analysis have to be done much more quickly in real time as data is becoming hotter.
  3. Huge losses are frequently caused by both man-made mistakes and natural disasters. Therefore, there is a critical need to strengthen businesses’ digital resilience.
  4. A significant industrial trend and emerging standard is energy-efficient data storage.

Huawei provides a variety of best-in-class storage devices and solutions for diverse industry scenarios, actively embracing these developments.

production and business dealings

With industry-leading reliability and performance, OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage offers SAN and NAS capabilities, particularly for financial and hospital information system (HIS) scenarios. Both NAS and SAN benefit from the full-mesh SmartMatrix architecture and the FlashLink disc controller collaboration algorithms. The OceanStor Dorado also provides the only active-active NAS system available on the market, ensuring continuity of file service.

database analysis

By utilising ground-breaking technical architectures like data flow that scales to large and small I/Os, extremely high-density hardware, and Erasure Coding (EC) algorithms, which increase the processing efficiency of data analysis by over 30%, OceanStor Pacific Scale-Out Storage eliminates the performance, protocol, and capacity bottlenecks in data analysis.


Comprehensive data security against calamities caused by nature or by human error is offered by Huawei Storage. Huawei provides a number of disaster recovery (DR) solutions, including B. local HA, intra-city AA, and geo-redundant 3DC. With an ultimate data reduction ratio of 72:1, OceanProtect offers three times the backup capacity and five times the recovery bandwidth of comparable products for the protection of service data. With a 99% detection rate, Huawei’s ransomware prevention storage solution protects both primary and backup storage and uses machine learning models.

automatic control

When it comes to operations and maintenance, the old method requires a lot of time and effort. Planning, deployment, operations and maintenance, and optimization can all be automated using Huawei DME. It foresees disc failure 14 days beforehand and capacity 90 days beforehand, freeing operations staff to concentrate on more creative and novel duties.

the storage of containers

These days, container technology is becoming more and more common, particularly in the internet and financial industries. OceanStor Dorado NAS provides data sharing across nodes, decouples containerized applications from storage, and boosts resource scheduling efficiency by 30% in comparison to industry benchmarks. This allows application and storage resources to increase as needed.


The greatest option for cloud transition is currently a mix of public and private multi-clouds. Enterprises should use centralised data storage sharing and cross-cloud application delivery as their preferred multi-cloud architecture. In order to support cross-cloud development, storage manufacturers can deliver professional storage on public cloud platforms in an integrated software-hardware or software-only mode. Such an innovative approach is something Huawei Storage aspires to.

“we are in an era of data explosion and data applications are booming. Huawei Data Storage aims to create a data-centric, trusted storage foundation for diverse applications to unlock the potential of data-driven productivity.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dr. Peter Zhou , President of Huawei IT Product Line

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