MOSTLY AI recognized in the 2022 Gartner Cool Vendors in Data-Centric AI report

In a report titled “Cool Vendors in Data-centric AI,” published by renowned analyst firm Gartner, MOSTLY AI has been named a Cool Vendor in the Data-Centric AI report1. The cool vendors in this research provide database breakthroughs, synthetic data, data labelling, and data-centric AI.

According to the paper, data-centric AI is a fast spreading trend that challenges the widely used model-centric data science by offering solutions to raise the standard of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Major conclusions include:

“Challenges such as data accessibility, volume, privacy, security, complexity and scope are among the top barriers to AI implementations. Data-centric AI solutions – like AI-specific data management, synthetic data and data labeling technologies – aim to solve many data challenges.”

“Across industries, synthetic data is increasingly leveraged to generate datasets that represent difficult-to-obtain data or possible future scenarios, all without privacy concerns.”

“We are delighted to be listed as a Cool Vendor by Gartner”, “We have big plans for 2023 and beyond, to build on the success we’ve had so far in helping our customers realize the benefits of synthetic data across a variety of use cases — including data anonymization, machine learning development, and test data generation. And we’re just weeks away from launching the next edition of our platform, that’ll further help our customers and prospects to unleash the potential that exists in their data.”

Dr. Tobias Hann, CEO at MOSTLY AI

“The time for synthetic data adoption is now,” concludes Hann. According to the Gartner report, “By 2024, 60% of data for AI will be synthetic to simulate reality, future scenarios and derisk AI, up from 1% in 2021.”

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