Microsoft’s M12 Fund and GitHub Invest in Open-source Low-Code Platform ToolJet

ToolJet, the open source platform for developers, has announced that it has received investment from M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, and GitHub through the M12 GitHub fund to drive its next phase of growth. according to.

Favored by developers, with nearly 20,000 stars and 350 contributors on GitHub, ToolJet has become the go-to solution for thousands of innovation teams at Fortune 500 companies, scaling companies and startups around the world. Leveraging the power of open source technology, ToolJet enables customers to continuously enhance the capabilities of the platform by easily integrating JavaScript-based plugins, offering endless customization and extensibility.

“We’re thrilled to have Microsoft and GitHub join us on our journey,”
“Their investment is a testament to the strength of our platform, community and our vision to democratize software development by making it more accessible to everyone.”
Navaneeth Padanna Kalathil, CEO of ToolJet.
“We believe that low-code development is a key way for businesses to accelerate their innovation and we are committed to supporting ToolJet in their mission,”
“We were impressed by Navaneeth and the Tooljet team, and their approach to low-code enterprise app building via the engagement of the open source community.”
Priyanka Mitra, Partner at M12 and co-founder of the M12 GitHub Fund.

This investment will play a key role in ToolJet’s strategic initiatives as it focuses on expanding its workforce and enhancing the artificial intelligence capabilities of the platform. With this resource, ToolJet is poised to strengthen its talent pool by attracting top talent in a variety of fields. By harnessing the power of AI, ToolJet aims to improve the intelligence of the platform, allowing developers to leverage advanced algorithms and automation to further streamline their development process. Surname. This strategic allocation of funds will enable ToolJet to accelerate innovation, advancing its mission to revolutionize software development and deliver unparalleled value to its growing user base.

ToolJet’s low-code framework places a high priority on data privacy compliance, addressing the growing concerns of organizations. With an unwavering commitment to protecting sensitive information, the platform offers the flexibility of secure on-premises installation, allowing users to control their data even without an internet connection.