Mavenir Wins Most Innovative Cloud Product Award for its Light Reading Telco Cloud Solution

Mavenir Wins Most Innovative Cloud Product Award

The Telco Cloud Solution from Mavenir, the Network Software Provider transforming how the world connects with cloud-native software that runs on any cloud, has won the Most Innovative Cloud Product Award from Leading Lights.

A comprehensive network software portfolio that is 100% cloud-native and operates in any cloud environment, whether private, public, or hybrid, is offered by Mavenir’s Telco Cloud Solution to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). To automatically support the heterogeneous 5G environment, cloud-native software is needed, and containerized microservices are used to place workloads in the appropriate places.

“Mavenir’s cloud-first network approach is recognized as a path forward”, ” We are empowering operators to get the most out of cloud technology with Reliable, High-Performance, Carrier-Grade Solutions with Reliable, High-Performance, Carrier-Grade Solutions with Security and Scale on Demand.”

Bejoy Pankajakshan, EVP, Director of Technology and Strategy at Mavenir

Mavenir’s solution is unique in three key areas:

1. CaaS:

The Mavenir Webscale Platform (MWP), a platform for cloud-based software as a service, is built on open source components that are native to cloud computing and gives the platform extensibility by enabling the addition of external access control and policy engines to the service built on Kubernetes.

2. Telco PaaS:

Mavenir All Mavenir products include a telco cloud integration layer that integrates with any CaaS platform, including MWP or solutions from outside vendors like VMware, Redhat, AWS, Google, and Azure. As container network function services, MTCIL provides specialised telecommunications management, topology management, tracking, high availability, and lawful interception capabilities.

3. Automating Operations with CI/CD :

The operational and automation improvements of Mavenir’s CI/CD pipeline are advantageous to operators in a fully automated environment. Because it enables automation in the construction of telecom workload lifecycle management pipelines, connects crucial architectural components, and automates the generation of artifacts—all of which are required to streamline complex CSP implementations—CI/CD Mavenir’s service is a pioneer in the telecom industry.

Mavenir, with demonstrated implementation at Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA, as well as numerous other participations globally, is the only provider to use a full range of cloud-native tools (CaaS, MTCIL, and CI/CD) to support the CSP transition to the cloud.