Lucid Software Further Enhances Intelligence with New AI Features

Lucid Software, the leader in visual collaboration software, has announced significant enhancements to its AI capabilities for the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite. These innovative new collaborative AI innovations are another step in Lucid’s ongoing commitment to more effective collaboration, faster alignment, and better decision making.

“Since establishing the visual collaboration market over a decade ago, we’ve consistently defined new ways of collaborating for all knowledge workers,”
“As we build upon our robust, patent-backed Intelligence Platform, we continue to define how intelligence can be used to improve how teams work together, furthering Lucid’s longstanding history of being the most intelligent visual collaboration platform on the market.”
Dan Lawyer, Chief Product Officer of Lucid Software.

Lucid Collaboration AI, available in Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite, includes an updated user experience as well as enhancements that enhance users’ ability to create, develop, organize, and summarize ideas. With a focus on collaboration and customer feedback throughout the beta launch, significant improvements include making it easier for users to integrate AI into ideas and workflows and gain support for more custom output options to better meet a variety of use cases.

Additionally, Lucid is expanding its interoperability with large language models (LLMs) across its platform with new features:

  • AI Prompt Flow – With the AI Prompt Flow extension, users can build and experiment with prompts in existing workflows in Lucidchart, insert their API key to get started without writing code and rapidly test different models, prompts and inputs to see what works best.
  • ChatGPT Plugin – Users can add a prompt into ChatGPT+ for what they’d like to visualize and a Lucidchart diagram will be automatically created within seconds. It can then be edited and modified within Lucidchart and further enhanced by utilizing Lucid’s robust feature set and library of integrations, allowing users to visualize complex ideas faster, clearer and more collaboratively.

With a focus on better user support, Lucid is also rolling out AI-focused training content in the Lucid Training Lab. Starting with a course on how to best use Lucid’s AI capabilities, teams can learn how to quickly generate and develop ideas and make impactful decisions using collaborative AI. Lucid’s AI-focused course builds on existing interactive courses and live training workshops on visual collaboration to help users get started or dive deeper into how Lucid can help businesses. Teams bond faster and achieve better results.

In addition to the well-established capabilities that automate image generation and connect images to data, these additional AI innovations further underscore Lucid’s commitment to creating a collaborative platform. The smartest visual collaboration helps teams increase productivity and efficiency as they see it. and build the future together.