Jack Henry Teams Up with Google Cloud to Accelerate its Multi-year Modernization Strategy

Jack Henry™, a leading provider of technology solutions for the financial services industry, announced today a collaboration with Google Cloud to further enable its multi-year next-generation technology strategy focused on helping the community and regional financial institutions innovate faster and meet the evolving needs of their account holders.

Through its collaboration with Google Cloud, Jack Henry will build cloud-first technologies that modernize existing data, reporting, and integration systems while creating a new set of services that form a modern digital core for banks and credit unions. Google Cloud offers several technological benefits, including industry-leading scalability and operational uptime, leading security and compliance solutions, best-in-class data, and artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, and the flexibility to integrate services with other cloud providers. Building capabilities on the public cloud is a strategy that complements Jack Henry’s existing core systems.

We are pleased to work with Google Cloud to offer the community and regional financial institutions our banking services natively in the cloud, Community and regional financial institutions are the lifeblood of Main Street America, and they are uniquely positioned to help consumers and businesses achieve financial health. Google Cloud is an important part of our next-generation technology strategy and will enable our bank and credit union clients to successfully compete in the ever-changing technology landscape by providing leading-edge, fast, reliable, and secure digital banking experiences to consumers and businesses that are only possible in the public cloud.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jack Henry Board Chair and CEO David Foss.

Jack Henry’s next-generation technology strategy is part of the company’s mission to strengthen connections between people and financial institutions through technology and services that help reduce the barriers to financial health. Through its work with Google Cloud, Jack Henry will keep financial institutions at the center of their accountholders’ financial lives by enabling access to a broad ecosystem of Jack Henry solutions and leading fintech through a single, secure, and scalable cloud-first platform

Consumers today expect a personalized, on-demand digital banking experience that is secure, fast, and frictionless, we look forward to providing Jack Henry with secure and scalable cloud infrastructure to modernize their tech stack and accelerate innovation for their customers. With cloud-first tools and services, community banks and credit unions can create digital experiences that combine relationship banking with leading technology to better fit their client’s needs and promote financial wellness.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.