Intuit and OpenAI partner to bring GenAI experiences to customers

Intuit, a global financial technology platform, has announced a collaboration with OpenAI to accelerate GenAI-driven application development on Intuit’s proprietary GenOS Generative AI operating system.

Intuit’s Financial Large Language Model (LLM) is enriched with the company’s data dedicated to solving tax, accounting, marketing, cash flow, and personal finance challenges. These financial LLMs intelligently identify the capabilities they need for Intuit’s platform, rich data and knowledge set to deliver highly personalized experiences that guide their consumer and small business customers’ financial lives and help them thrive. create.

Intuit GenOS, combined with OpenAI’s industry-leading GPT 3.5 and 4.0, enables Intuit developers to rapidly and scalable create secure, intelligent, and personalized GenAI-based experiences for the company’s FinTech product portfolio. It is now possible.

“Intuit is creating breakthrough product experiences on Intuit GenOS, and we are excited to be working with OpenAI using their industry-leading large language models to accelerate our innovation,”
“We are harnessing the power of generative AI to power prosperity for more than 100 million customers worldwide by transforming how people manage their finances with full confidence.”
Marianna Tessel, Chief Technology Officer at Intuit.
“We are excited to work with Intuit to bring together the power of the OpenAI LLMs with Intuit’s GenOS,”
“Intuit understands the potential of generative AI technology and shares our commitment to advancing next-generation AI development safely and responsibly.”
Brad Lightcap, COO at OpenAI.

Generative AI is changing the way people interact with computers. With the company’s comprehensive data platform, his well-established AI foundation, his commitment to data management, and the launch of his proprietary Intuit GenOS, Intuit is uniquely positioned to lead the next wave of transformation and disruption. I have. Intuit is already seeing AI-powered expert platforms transform industries and drive prosperity.