InRule Technology® Democratizes Machine Learning by Enhancing Platform with AutoML Capabilities

InRule Technology®, an intelligence automation company providing integrated decisioning, explainable AI and digital process automation software to the enterprise, today announced the addition of AutoML within xAI Workbench, the company’s suite of machine learning modelling engines.

Incorporating AutoML (automated machine learning) into xAI Workbench allows enterprises to scale the use of machine learning throughout the organization with confidence. By providing a guided, no-code model-building process, AutoML helps users solve machine learning challenges faster, using fewer resources, while reducing the risk of human error and increasing the accuracy of predictions.

AutoML workflows empower citizen data scientists, including business analysts and other subject matter experts, to create, train and deploy powerful machine learning models.

For data scientists, AutoML streamlines the model creation process. Additionally, AutoML provides data scientists with automation and reusability that allows quick delivery of prototypes and iterative improvements using model explain ability that reveals areas of model weakness. Optimizing these processes frees up bandwidth to focus on more specialized research and projects.

For organizations seeking to empower non-data science staff to build machine learning models, the code-free AutoML workflows within xAI Workbench make building and deploying highly performant machine learning models fast, safe and accessible, by extending the power of machine learning beyond data scientists and developers, xAI Workbench AutoML furthers InRule Technology’s vision of making automation accessible across the enterprise.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  David Jakopac, Ph.D., VP, Engineering and Data Science, InRule Technology

xAI Workbench enables teams to develop a wide variety of machine learning models at massive scale. The suite of modelling engines provides solutions that deliver any combination of similarity search, classification, clustering, and recommendation. xAI Workbench enables fairness through awareness with built-in bias detection features designed to help enterprises quantify and mitigate potential risk.