Info-Tech Research Group Says, Ignoring Disruptive Technologies Can Risk Diminishing the CIO Role

Technological leaders need to be aware of potential disruptions and have insight into specific new technologies that might have an impact on their enterprises in the near future as innovative technology changes advance more quickly than before. In order to assist technology leaders in creating a procedure for anticipating, evaluating, and utilising disruptive technologies, the worldwide IT research and advisory business Info-Tech Research Group has produced its newest white paper, Exploit Disruptive Infrastructure Technology.

The firm’s study indicates that IT chiefs will lose influence if they don’t keep up with disruptive technologies. The necessity for IT to be involved in every facet of implementing and utilising technology has diminished as a result of trends like cloud services, greater automation, and consumerization. IT executives may safeguard their position by anticipating new technologies, defining new IT roles and duties that take into account the realities of technology today, and having a strategy to forecast new trends while sustaining daily operations.

“Companies are facing significant technology disruptions in markets that could fundamentally change the business or affect its processes and technologies”, “Technology leaders can vastly influence business strategies and company management by adopting a proactive approach to understanding disruptive and innovative technologies and their impacts on the business.”                                                                         Troy Cheeseman, Infrastructure and Operations Research Practice Lead at Info-Tech Research Group.

Technology has the potential to disrupt IT in a number of ways, including the internal infrastructure and applications that IT must employ as well as the end users’ technology that IT must support and implement. The same disruptive technology may also have a negative impact on a company’s capacity to remain in operation and its status in comparison to rivals who may be able to provide a superior product thanks to cutting-edge new technologies. Technology, however, can also help IT work more effectively and boost the effectiveness of other business divisions.

The new study roadmap outlines Info-suggested Tech’s approach for anticipatorily observing, assessing, and taking advantage of disruptive innovations. This strategy calls for the following steps from leaders:

  • Forming a core working group, picking a leader, and choosing a group of visionaries to assist in coming up with ideas for new technologies
  • Generating ideas for a brighter future and beginning a preliminary longlist.
  • Educating the group to think futuristically.
  • Assessing the short list
  • Defining the PoC timetable and list.
  • Completing and delivering the plan to the relevant parties.

Technology leaders can create a procedure that foresees potential disruptions and interacts with current operations by being prepared.

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