GIGABYTE Launches Its First Web 3.0 Community with Launch of AFWC NFT Collection

The AFWC (AORUS Falcon Warriors Club) NFT collection is a novel experience driven by Web3 technology that will provide its holders with special privileges, according to GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, the largest computer brand in the world. The AFWC will serve as the foundation for the new AORUS digital community, and we intend to create further collections and partnerships within this new ecosystem.

The Web3 team from AORUS is called AFW. A brand called “AORUS Falcon Warriors” promotes creativity and innovation by examining the creative mind. Our goal is to push the envelope and shatter barriers in order to develop a brand-new digital environment that may be the cutting-edge interactive hub for our communities.

“We plan to take a phased approach that moves and grows from community feedback, starting with our first NFT collection based on nostalgic pixel art and storytelling”, Currently, the Phase I NFT airdrop has been finished. The first 222 holders are about to enjoy holding rewards from AFWC 2022 Year-End Celebrations, starting on Dec. 11.

David Ding, GIGABYTE NA Vice President of Sales and Marketing

NFTs are widely regarded as a brand-new type of digital ownership. We think NFTs offer a lot of potential to broaden the concept of distinctive experiences, community development, and fan involvement.

The AFWC is only the start of how we are reimagining the online community to connect with our fans whether they are in a physical location, on the go, or online. Community members and our partners can interact through uncommon encounters and unite around a passion for cutting-edge technology.