Digital Wave Technology Acquires GoalProfit

Digital Wave Technology, Inc., the leader in AI-powered multi-platform experience management for retailers and brands, announces the acquisition of GoalProfit, Inc., an AI company & Optimization Solutions headquartered in Austin, TX and Helsinki, Finland.

Digital Wave Technology and GoalProfit formed a strategic partnership in early 2022, focusing on the development and implementation of Digital Wave’s industry-leading omnichannel platform and solutions, using artificial intelligence. (AI), including l’ AI Creative, among others, provides retailers and brands with the most sophisticated business platforms in the industry.

Digital Wave’s multi-channel AI Maestro solution combined with Product Experience Management (PXM) together dramatically improves the speed to market, digital content, romance clones, expansion types and global growth. In addition, Digital Wave connects retailers and brands with the marketplace, social media and other digital commerce through distribution, creating a network of popularity and reaching consumers in the region. wherever they shop. Cumulative benefits include, but are not limited to, significant increases in conversion rates, average order value, dropshipping catalog and distribution, optimized SEO, and significant reductions in labor margins, and products, all of which generate significant financial metrics.

“We’ve made significant progress in a relatively short period of time, aided by our domain-experienced team. At the same time, we’re acutely aware that positioning for the next major step in growth requires world-class acumen in data science and low-code, no-code analytical architecture. The combination of Digital Wave’s management and enterprise technology team with GoalProfit’s strong data sciences and analytical architectural team provides us with a rapid development platform and solutions for omnichannel leadership.”
Lori Schafer, CEO of Digital Wave Technology.
“The teams’ expertise and culture are very complementary. Together, we’re confident we can offer unparalleled value.”
Bernie Brennan, Chairman of Digital Wave.
“We’re excited to join forces with Digital Wave,”
“After nearly a year of working together, we see the unique impact our combined knowledge will have on the industry. Our vision is to introduce a new standard in building business applications based on big data and AI.”
Maxim Morozov, CEO and co-founder of GoalProfit.
“We’re on the cusp of great technological and industry-changing breakthroughs in AI,”
“Together with Digital Wave, we’re all excited to be the driver of these changes.”
Oleg Sidorkin, CTO and co-founder of GoalProfit.

Digital Wave’s AI-powered Omni Experience platform was showcased and well received at NRF’s “Grand Show” in New York, NY, last January. For more information on the acquisition, visit Digital Wave’s website.