DevOps and observability in the 2020s

DevOps Pulse is an annual analysis of the DevOps industry, conducted by Findings from the 2019 version have just been published, and we take the opportunity to share and comment on them with Tomer Levy, CEO. Levy co-founded in 2014 and has managed to raise about $100 million and build a team of 250 people to date, on the premise of offering an open-source based solution for log management.

The 2019 survey focuses on observability, bringing DevOps engineers’ insights into what it means to make systems observable, how to achieve that outcome, and how observability contributes to maximizing product performance. It may well give a glimpse into the future of software development in the 2020s. First software development merged with operations, giving us DevOps. Then DevOps became data-driven. What’s next?

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