DataCore Announces Enhanced Swarm Software-Only Solution Optimized for Media Workflows

DataCore Software announced today the latest version of its award-winning Swarm object storage solution for media and entertainment applications, including content archiving, preservation, distribution, sports, broadcast, production studios, and e-sports. Swarm offers significant enhancements for on-site and public cloud environments, including hybrid cloud enablement, improved performance for video streaming, and lightning-fast metadata search capabilities.

DataCore is committed to ensuring that our Swarm archive solutions address the ever-evolving needs of the media and entertainment industry, The latest version of Swarm enables media companies to securely access, distribute, and archive data faster and more efficiently to keep pace with the massive amount of on-demand content being consumed today.”                                                                                                                                                                                              Abhijit Dey, Chief Product Officer at DataCore Software.

Swarm ensures that rapidly growing media asset libraries are continuously protected and instantly accessible. Online migration eliminates time-consuming and costly refresh cycles, reducing TCO and ensuring maximum uptime. The newest version of Swarm optimizes operational and workflow efficiencies for private, public, and hybrid cloud data storage. Using Swarm, media companies can rapidly move content in and out of public clouds, bringing increased flexibility, scalability, and cost savings to their workflows.

Swarm’s unparalleled capabilities empower video-driven organizations to support private streaming, provide longtail video on demand, and centralize long-term video archives. Offering up to 100% faster metadata search and partial file restore, Swarm allows media companies to quickly search for assets, customize metadata, and manage billions of objects across multiple sites.

This enhanced version of Swarm is offered as a software-only solution. The same features are available in appliance form as Periphery, DataCore’s new next-generation object storage platform designed specifically for appliances and edge devices.

Periphery is built into Symply’s newly released appliance, SymplyPerifery, optimized for media and entertainment organizations.