Cybersecurity trends to watch in 2022

We live in an era where internet security is very important. Digital security is increasingly becoming an issue as security vulnerabilities persist and current solutions fail to prevent crime. Global business losses from ransomware attacks will total more than $20 billion by 2021, according to Cyber Security Ventures. We appear to have read that a large company or other government agency has been hacked, exposing sensitive customer and financial information. But don’t worry.

Mobile devices are the new target. 

Malware or mobile banking attacks will increase by 50% in 2019, leaving our mobile devices vulnerable. Every picture, financial transaction, email and text message that we make poses a threat to us. In 2022, smartphone viruses and malware could capture the attention of cybersecurity trends due to the increasing use of smartphones.

AI’s potential as a tool for business 

AI, along with machine learning, has dramatically changed cybersecurity since it was deployed in all market segments. The use of AI has greatly improved automated security systems, natural language processing, and facial recognition. Nowadays, malware and attacks can also be developed to bypass the latest security protocols. The AI-powered threat detection system can detect new attacks and notify administrators immediately in the event of a data breach.

Pristine targets for data breaches

For organizations around the world, data will remain a leading concern. Protecting digital data is now the primary goal for both individuals and organizations. There are multiple ways for hackers to access your personal information through minor flaws or bugs in your browser or software. New measures like GDPR and CCPA are in place to safeguard consumer rights.

Automotive hackers on the rise 

Nowadays, modern vehicles feature advanced software that provides seamless connectivity in terms of cruise control, engine timing, door locks, airbags, and driver assistance systems. Bluetooth and WiFi technologies can also compromise communication between these vehicles. In 2022, the use of automated vehicles is expected to grow, and users will be able to gain control and eavesdrop. Even more complex mechanisms are used by self-driving or autonomous vehicles, requiring strict cyber security measures.

A Vulnerable Cloud Also Exists 

In light of the fact that more organizations are utilizing cloud computing, it is imperative to monitor and update security measures to safeguard data continuously. Even though Google and Microsoft cloud applications have good security from their end, user error, malicious software, and phishing attacks occur very frequently due to user negligence.

Getting connected with 5G: Technology and Risks in a New Era 

An era of inter-connectedness will begin with 5G networks and the Internet of Things (IoT). Communication between multiple devices can also expose them to attacks, hacks, and software bugs from outside sources. A serious bug was found in Chrome, the most popular web browser supported by Google. Research is needed to find loopholes in 5G architecture to make the system safe against external attacks. We might not be aware of many network attacks accompanying the 5G network. 5G manufacturers must build sophisticated hardware and software to prevent data breaches.

Integration and automation 

With the amount of data increasing every day, it is imperative to automate sophisticated data control. Today’s professionals and engineers are also pressured to deliver quick and efficient solutions, fueling a rise in automation applications. Web applications with large and complex functionality are even harder to secure, making automation and cyber security essential software development components. As part of the agile development process, security measurements are incorporated into building more secure software.

Specifically targeted ransomware

Targeted ransomware is another trend we can’t seem to ignore in cybersecurity. Although ransomware generally threatens to publish a victim’s data if a ransom payment is not made, it can still affect organizations or nations in general. Specialized software is a necessary part of many industries in developed countries.

Cyberwarfare sponsored by governments

The west and east can’t stop trying to find superiority. Despite the few attacks, tensions between the US and Iran or Chinese hackers often dominate worldwide news and can make or break an election. Additionally, more than 70 elections will take place this year, which will lead to a surge in criminal activity. As for cybersecurity trends for 2022, major data breaches, political intrigue, and industrial secrets are expected to dominate.