Cybersecurity Maturity – Using the CIS Critical Security Controls to Define Your Future Roadmap

October 20, 2022 | 2pm EDT | USA

Using cybersecurity metrics can prove your value as a function, but where do you start? Using the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Security Controls can help security leaders self-assess their organization’s cybersecurity maturity, assess the baseline of where the program is at today, and create a future roadmap to mature the security program. Assessing a cybersecurity program will, not only, provide security leaders with meaningful goals and directives, but it’s also a valuable tool to bring back to the C-suite. October 20, 2022 | 2pm EDT Read More



The Integration of AI & Vision Technologies

Machine vision, computer vision, and AI (specifically deep learning) are complementary technologies that can perform a wide variety of tasks


Better Together: Uniting Technology & Data to Accelerate Your Master Data Journey

The data management journey is challenging. It usually takes longer than you want. It often costs more than you’d like.


To Meet the Challenges of Coverage and Scale, Global and Regional Deals for IoT Connectivity Are Becoming the Norm.

Join us on October 6th at 4pm UK | 11:00am EDT, where Tom Rebbeck, Business Services and IoT, Analysys Mason will be joined


An introduction to Internet-of-Things for executives and managers

Internet of things is one of the most exciting technologies of our times, with great synergies with data science, AI and


AI Summit New York 2022

Join us at the Javits Center this December to gain an in-depth understanding of how to pioneer AI technology from


AWS Discovery Day – An official introduction to the core concepts of cloud and AWS

The AWS Discovery Day is a complimentary Instructor-led Virtual Master Class that is designed to provide an official introduction of


Re-inventing Cyber-Strategy for Startups

As part of our new cyber security brand called Offenselogic, we are inviting you and your startups to take part


Enterprise Architecture vs. Data Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides a visual blueprint of the organization, and shows key interrelationships between data, process, applications, and more.

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Programming Languages

Definition of programming A computer program is made up of code that is run by the computer to carry out


Overview of Software System

WHAT IS SOFTWARE? Software is a collection of instructions, data, or computer programs used to run computers and carry out


Google Cloud Platform

What Is Cloud Computing? In plain English, cloud computing is the process of accessing and storing data over the Internet


17 ways to speed up Windows 10

1 . Change your power settings Windows 10’s “Power Saver” mode will slow down your computer if you use it.


Difference Between Data Science and Data Analytics

Big data has grown to be a significant part of the tech industry today because of the useful information and